Once, Venus in Fur, Death of a Salesman, Tribes and More Win Casting Society of America Awards

News   Once, Venus in Fur, Death of a Salesman, Tribes and More Win Casting Society of America Awards
The Casting Society of America (CSA) has announced the winners of the 28th annual Artios Awards, celebrating outstanding achievement in casting in film, television and theatre.

Nina Arianda and Hugh Dancy
Nina Arianda and Hugh Dancy Photo by Joan Marcus

Presented annually, the awards are given on the criteria of "originality, creativity and contribution of casting to the overall quality of a project."

Tony Award winner Harvey Fierstein received the New York Apple Award, Ben Affleck received the Career Achievement Award and Lora Kennedy received the Hoyt Bowers Award.

A complete list of nominees follows (winners names are in bold preceded by an asterisk):

Big Budget Feature – Drama
“The Descendants,” John Jackson, John McAlary (associate), Andy Henry (associate), Yesi Ramirez (associate)
“The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,” Laray Mayfield
*“The Help,” Kerry Barden, Paul Schnee
“The Hunger Games,” Debra Zane, Jackie Burch (Location Casting)
“Moneyball,” Francine Maisler, Lauren Grey (associate)

Big Budget Feature – Comedy
“21 Jump Street,” Jeanne McCarthy, Nicole Abellera, Elizabeth Coulon, (Location Casting), Yesi Ramirez (associate)
*“Crazy, Stupid, Love,” Mindy Marin, Kara Lipson (associate)
“Horrible Bosses,” Lisa Beach, Sarah Katzman
“The Muppets,” Marcia Ross, Gail Goldberg, Brittainy Roberts (associate)
“The Rum Diary,” Denise Chamian, Angela Demo (associate) Feature – Studio or Independent – Drama
“Drive,” Mindy Marin, Kara Lipson (associate)
“The Ides of March,” Ellen Chenoweth, Amelia McCarthy (associate)
“Margin Call,” Bernard Telsey, Tiffany Little Canfield
*“My Week With Marilyn,” Deborah Aquila, Tricia Wood, Nina Gold (Location Casting)
“Shame,” Avy Kaufman

Feature – Studio or Independent – Comedy
“50/50,” Francine Maisler
*“The Artist,” Heidi Levitt, Michael Sanford (associate)
“Friends With Kids,” Bernard Telsey, Tiffany Little Canfield, David Vaccari
“The Guard,” Jina Jay
“Hysteria,” Gaby Kester

Low Budget Feature – Comedy or Drama
“A Bag of Hammers,” Brad Gilmore
“Higher Ground,” Kerry Barden, Paul Schnee
“Like Crazy,” Eyde Belasco
*“Martha Marcy May Marlene,” Susan Shopmaker
“Pariah,” Eyde Belasco

Animation Feature
“The Adventures of Tintin,” Jina Jay
“Cars 2,” Kevin Reher, Natalie Lyon
*“Happy Feet Two,” Kristy Carlson

Daytime Drama Series
“Days of Our Lives,” Marnie Saitta
“General Hospital,” Mark Teschner
*“The Young and the Restless,” Judy Blye Wilson

Television Pilot Drama
“A Gifted Man,” Bernard Telsey, Risa Bramon Garcia, David Vaccari, Patrick Goodwin (associate)
*“Homeland,” Junie Lowry Johnson, Libby Goldstein, Julie Tucker, Lisa Mae Fincannon (Location Casting), Craig Fincannon (Location Casting)
“Once Upon A Time,” Veronica Collins Rooney, Corinne Clark (Location Casting), Jennifer Page (Location Casting)
“Revenge,” Elizabeth Barnes, Corbin Bronson, Craig Fincannon (Location Casting), Lisa Mae Fincannon (Location Casting), Erica Berger (associate)
“Smash,” Bernard Telsey, Tiffany Little Canfield

Television Pilot Comedy
“2 Broke Girls,” Julie Ashton-Barson
“Don’t Trust the B---- in Apartment 23,” Lisa Miller Katz
*“Girls,” Jennifer Euston
“House of Lies,” Felicia Fasano, Erica Silverman (associate)
“New Girl,” Juel Bestrop, Seth Yanklewitz
“Up All Night,” Shani Ginsberg, Jeff Greenberg, Allen Hooper (associate)

Television Series Drama (tie)
“Breaking Bad,” Sharon Bialy, Sherry Thomas, Rody Kent (Location Casting), Russell Scott (associate)
“Game of Thrones,” Nina Gold
*“The Good Wife,” Mark Saks, John Andrews (associate)
*“Homeland,” Judy Henderson, Craig Fincannon (Location Casting), Lisa Mae Fincannon (Location Casting)

“Mad Men,” Laura Schiff, Carrie Audino, Kendra Shay Clark (associate)

Television Series Comedy
“The Big C,” Bernard Telsey, Abbie Brady-Dalton (associate)
*“Girls,” Jennifer Euston
“Modern Family,” Jeff Greenberg, Allen Hooper (associate)
“New Girl,” Anya Colloff, Michael Nicolo
“Nurse Jackie,” Julie Tucker, Ross Meyerson

Television Movie or Mini Series
“American Horror Story,” Robert J. Ulrich, Eric Dawson, Carol Kritzer, Eric Souliere (associate)
“Birdsong,” Jina Jay
“Five,” Randi Hiller, Tamara-Lee Notcutt
*“Game Change,” David Rubin, Richard Hicks, Pat Moran (Location Casting), Kathleen Chopin (Location Casting), Anne Davison (associate)
“Hatfields & McCoys,” Fern Champion, Amy Hubbard (Location Casting)

Children’s Series
“A.N.T. FARM,” Brandi Brice Pollock, Dana Gergely Bowling
“iCarly,” Krisha Bullock, Jennifer K.M. Treadwell (associate)
“Shake It Up!,” Howard Meltzer, Suzanne Goddard-Smythe
“Victorious,” Krisha Bullock, Jennifer K.M. Treadwell (associate)
*“Wizards of Waverly Place,” Ruth Lambert, Robert McGee

Television Animation
“The Cleveland Show,” Robert McGee, Ruth Lambert
*“Family Guy,” Linda Lamontagne
“Kung Fu Panda,” Meredith Layne
“The Penguins of Madagascar,” Sarah Noonan, Meredith Layne
“Robot Chicken,” Ivy Isenberg

New York Broadway Theatre – Drama
A Streetcar Named Desire, Will Cantler, Bernard Telsey
The Columnist, David Caparelliotis
*Death of a Salesman, Mele Nagler
The Mountaintop, Jim Carnahan
Wit, Nancy Piccione

New York Broadway Theatre – Comedy
The Best Man, Will Cantler, Bernard Telsey
Harvey, Jim Carnahan
One Man, Two Guvnors, Tara Rubin, Eric Woodall, Merri Sugarman
Peter and the Starcatcher, Jim Carnahan, Tara Rubin
*Venus in Fur, Nancy Piccione, James Calleri

New York Broadway Theatre – Musical
Evita, Bernard Telsey, Craig Burns
Newsies, Justin Huff
Nice Work If You Can Get It, Jay Binder, Jack Bowdan
*Once, Jim Carnahan
Porgy and Bess, Bernard Telsey, Justin Huff

New York Theatre – Comedy or Musical
A Midsummer Night’s Dream, James Calleri, Paul Davis
All New People, David Caparelliotis
*The Cherry Orchard, James Calleri
Close Up Space, Nancy Piccione
Sons of the Prophet, Carrie Gardner

New York Theatre – Drama
Dreams of Flying, Dreams of Falling, Will Cantler
Happy Hour, Will Cantler
How I Learned To Drive, Mele Nagler
The Submission, Bernard Telsey, Will Cantler
*Tribes, Pat McCorkle

Regional Theatre East
*A Doll’s House, James Calleri
A Streetcar Named Desire, James Calleri
It Shoulda Been You, Jay Binder, Mark Brandon
The Realistic Joneses, Tara Rubin, Eric Woodall, Merri Sugarman
The Winter’s Tale, Tara Rubin, Eric Woodall, Merri Sugarman

Regional Theatre West
A Room With a View, Tara Rubin, Eric Woodall, Merri Sugarman, Dale Brown (associate)
Aladdin, Tara Rubin, Eric Woodall, Merri Sugarman, Dale Brown (associate)
*Hands On A Hardbody, Rachel Hoffman
The Rocky Horror Show, Carrie Gardner
The Whale, Elissa Myers, Paul Fouquet

Los Angeles Theatre
*Art, Jeff Greenberg
Cabaret, Amy Lieberman
Jitney, Joanne DeNaut
Our Town, Pat McCorkle
The Heiress, Michael Donova

Special Theatrical Performance
*Merrily We Roll Along, Jay Binder


CSA, the organization of theatrical casting directors in film, television and theatre, has more than 500 members with representation in the United States, Canada, Europe, England, Australia and South Africa.

For more information visit CastingSociety.com.

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