Opera Australia Gives World Premiere of Madeline Lee

Classic Arts News   Opera Australia Gives World Premiere of Madeline Lee
Madeline Lee, a new opera by John Haddock, gets its debut from Opera Australia in Sydney tonight.

The libretto is by Haddock, the director of Opera Australia's Melbourne chorus, and Michael Campbell.

The opera was inspired by the discovery, in 1960, of a B-17 bomber deep in the North African desert, where it had apparently crashed during World War II. There was no sign of the crew. In Haddock's opera, the plane's former captain, now a major, discovers the wreckage 17 years after bailing out of the Mediterranean, and finds that his ghostly crew is still waiting for his return.

The Australian-born Haddock is the former head of music for the Dallas Opera. His compositions include the concert aria "See My Children Fly," which was also premiered this year.

The cast includes Michael Lewis as the Major; Tom Woods conducts. Michael Campbell is the director.

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