PETA Lends a Hand to Tenor's Surprise Guest Star

PlayBlog   PETA Lends a Hand to Tenor's Surprise Guest Star
After a little mouse made a guest appearance in the April 27 performance of Lend Me a Tenor, PETA stepped in with a gift and some words of advice. PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman sent a letter to Music Box Theatre manger Jonathan Shulman with helpful tips on keeping mice out of the theatre, and included two humane mousetraps that will contain these wee would-be actors without harming them.

"Humane mouse control at the Music Box is a win-win solution,” Reiman said in a statement. “Mice, without coming to harm, will get the message that they have no business in show business, and audiences will be guaranteed that everyone who appears on stage is supposed to be there. We're encouraging Jonathan Shulman to find a solution that everyone can live with—including the mice."

The furry co-star (Tito Mouse-relli, as he is known on his newly minted facebook page) escorted himself offstage after an explanatory ad lib from actors Justin Bartha and Tony Shalhoub. With PETA’s help, his star turn will be the last scene-stealing surprise these Broadway stars will have to contend with. (To read about the mouse's stage debut, click here.)

— Gemma Wilson

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