Philadelphia Orchestra Musicians Put Off Vote on Contract

Classic Arts News   Philadelphia Orchestra Musicians Put Off Vote on Contract
The musicians of the Philadelphia Orchestra did not vote on their proposed new contract as planned yesterday, the orchestra confirmed today.

"Because the musicians have many questions concerning the changes proposed as part of this contract, they have decided to delay the ratification vote until all questions have been answered," a joint statement issued by the orchestra and the union said. "That will require at least one additional meeting."

"We are confident that any outstanding questions or concerns will be addressed quickly," the statement read.

The tentative agreement was reached early Tuesday morning after all-night talks mediated by Philadelphia mayor John Street. Details of the contract have not been officially released, but according to reports in the Philadelphia Inquirer reports, it calls for a one-year pay freeze followed by a salary increase, as well as changes to work rules that are expected to increase the orchestra's revenues.

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