Philadelphia's Phrenic New Ballet to Split Into Two Companies

Classic Arts News   Philadelphia's Phrenic New Ballet to Split Into Two Companies
Philadelphia's Phrenic New Ballet will split into two separate dance companies, the company announced.

The two companies will have two different names and artistic direction. One company will operate under Amanda Miller and Tobin Rothlein, and the other under Matthew Neenan and Christine Cox.

Phrenic New Ballet was formed in 2000 by Miller, Cox, and Neenan, all of them dancers and choreographers from the Pennsylvania Ballet, and Rothlein, a filmmaker. The founders were interested in combining classical training with modern sensibilities, including improvisational techniques, multi-media expression, and experimentation to create "the new face of ballet."

The company's work included collaboration with composers such as Pete Wyer and Toby Twining and choreographers such as Thaddeus Davis, and resulted in over 25 premieres. Phrenic's non-traditional outlook has led to such works as Cox's Tabula Rasa, a dance that includes a section in which Cox performs with her physically challenged sister, and a work by Miller based on Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation.

The two new companies will continue to practice the ideas set out by the founders, according to a press release.

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