PHOTO CALL: Public Theater's 2010 Under the Radar Festival

News   PHOTO CALL: Public Theater's 2010 Under the Radar Festival
The Public Theater's sixth annual Under the Radar Festival, a theatrical feast of stage works from around the globe, now plays at the Public Theater and various venues across Manhattan.

The annual 12-day festival, which runs through Jan 17, is presented by Mark Russell and the Association of Performing Arts. Russell stated that this year's Under the Radar Festival is "bound together with themes of youth and aging, theater and film, technology and performance, visual art and puppets, politics and faith, making for a wildly colorful and daringly bold festival that reflects our world and our very complicated times."

Under the Radar productions include American Document, Chautauqua!, Husbands, Invisible Atom, Must - The Inside Story, Silver Stars, Space Panorama, The Word Begins, Versus – In the Jungle of Cities.

Partner events for Under the Radar include L'Effet de Serge; Gin and "It", This Fable Is Intended For You: A Work-Energy Principle, Chekhov Lizardbrain, L.A. Party, Ping Chong's The Devil You Know, Once and For All We're Gonna Tell You Who We Are So Shut Up and Listen, The Windup Bird Chronicle, Ads and Jerk.

Here is a look at the featured productions and events:


For tickets and complete scheduling information phone (212) 967-7555 or visit PublicTheater. The Public Theater is located at 425 Lafayette Street in Manhattan.

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