PHOTO CALL: They Are Rappaport

News   PHOTO CALL: They Are Rappaport

Photo by Aubrey Reuben

Whatever the play title may say, these folks are Rappaport. Director Daniel Sullivan (far right) went out with his cast to celebrate the first Broadway preview of I'm Not Rappaport's revival July 12. With him (right to left) are Judd Hirsch, Anthony Arkin, Mimi Lieber, Robert McClure, Tanya Clarke and Steve Boyer.

Sullivan and Hirsch reunite as collaborators on the seriocomic play (originally seen on Broadway in 1985) about two seniors who meet in Central Park and confront a changing world — embodied by drug dealers, punks, an angry daughter and an ex-boss. Hirsch won the 1986 Tony Award for playing crusty socialist Nat. Ben Vereen co-stars as Midge.

— By Christine Ehren

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