Photo Journal: Schrecker's Die Gezeichneten at Salzburg

Classic Arts News   Photo Journal: Schrecker's Die Gezeichneten at Salzburg
A new production of Franz Schrecker's Die Gezeichneten ("The Marked Onesl") opens tonight at the Salzburg Festival.

The 1918 opera, with a libretto by the composer, is about a hunchback who creates an artificial paradise, where noblemen have orgies with abducted women.

Salzburg's production is directed by Nikolaus Lehnhoff, with stage design by Raimund Bauer, costumes by Andrea Schmidt-Futterer, and lighting by Alexander Koppelmann.

Kent Nagano is the conductor.

The cast includes Robert Brubaker as the hunchback Alviano Salvago; Anne Schwanewilms as Carlotta Nardi, his beloved; and Michael Volle as Count Andrea Vitelozzo Tamare, who eventually rapes and kills Carlotta.

Die Gezeichneten runs through August 7.

Photos by Bernd Uhlig

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