PHOTO SPECIAL: Exclusive Shots from Annoying Actor Friend's #SOBLESSED Book Tour

Photos   PHOTO SPECIAL: Exclusive Shots from Annoying Actor Friend's #SOBLESSED Book Tour
"#SOBLESSED: the Annoying Actor Friend's Guide to Werking in Show Business," a new book written by parody Twitter account Annoying Actor Friend (@Actor_Friend), is now available in paperback. AAF launched a book release tour, taking the volume around Broadway to greet the community.

"Last week, I embarked on the #BlessedBookTour to launch the paperback edition of '#SOBLESSED: the Annoying Actor Friend's Guide to Werking in Show Business,'" said AAF in a statement. "This business is not just about Broadway and I was #blessed to experience a symbolic trip through all the elements in this industry that make up an actor's life. The tour made stops in various subjects covered in the book, such as college auditions, day drinking and unemployment, before dropping by a full Production Contract national tour and ending on Broadway."


"#SOBLESSED" is described as the "essential 'how-to' guide that explains it all: from choosing the right college to making your Broadway debut to surviving on Unemployment — while teaching you how to behave on social media along the way! — this book will aid you in your quest to find what it means to be #SOBLESSED."

"#SOBLESSED" is the debut novel by Annoying Actor Friend (@Actor_Friend), a popular Twitter account — which remains anonymous — that gained notoriety within the Broadway community by spoofing annoying actor behavior on social media. The book became the Amazon #1 Best-Selling Theatre book on its first day of release. "I wrote '#SOBLESSED' because I wanted to compile what I believe to be an honest representation of the ups and downs of an actor in this business, while still keeping with the voice of the character," explained Annoying Actor Friend — who created the Twitter account in response to industry friends who over share on social media platforms — to "The opinions within do not always reflect what I personally believe, but that of a general quality I have observed from years of being surrounded by Broadway actors.

"'#SOBLESSED' is not just about the 'werking' actor. It's also about the college theatre major, the struggling auditioner and anyone who has considered suicide after dealing with the New York State Department of Labor unemployment line. It's for everyone who has ever loved and hated being in the theatre — or just wants to know what it is like."

The book is available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback.

For more information and to purchase, visit or click here. For other theatrical merchandise, visit the Playbill Store.

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