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David Pittu — who stars in the new Off-Broadway comedy What's That Smell: The Music of Jacob Sterling — fills out's questionnaire with random facts, backstage trivia and pop culture tidbits.
David Pittu
David Pittu

Full given name: David Jonathan Pittu
Hometown: Fairfield, CT
Audition song: "Gigolo" by Cole Porter
Special skills: Drawing, arranging/decorating rooms
First Broadway show ever saw: Annie, on a school field trip
If you could go back in time and catch any Broadway show, what would it be? All the original productions of the Prince/Sondheim shows from the 70s and anything with Gwen Verdon
Current show you have been recommending to friends: The 39 Steps
Favorite show tune: Impossible to name just one: so many Sondheim masterpieces, including Gypsy and West Side Story, but several from A Chorus Line, especially "Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen" and "At the Ballet"
Most played song on your iPod: "Rhapsody in Blue"
One CD you couldn't live without: Pacific Overtures, Original Cast Recording
Last book you read: "The Plot Against America" by Philip Roth
Must-see TV show: "South Park," though "Maude" and "Mary Hartman" on DVD are pretty great
Last good movie you saw: Hitchcock's "Lifeboat" was on TV the other night — had to watch it again
Performer you would drop everything to go see: I love Jim Norton, the Spanish actor Sergi Lopez, I love Dame Edna, and I still won't miss a Meryl Streep movie (even "Mamma Mia!")
Pop culture guilty pleasure: YouTube
First stage kiss: As You Like it in high school
Favorite pre-show meal: Salmon and Yerba Mate are great before a show — so good for your brain!
How you got your Equity card: As an assistant stage manager/understudy for The Tenth Man at Lincoln Center
Worst onstage mishap: This summer doing A Flea in Her Ear at Williamstown, I had to burst in, bang on a door and scream, "Open this door!" but when I came on, the door was already open, so I had to close it, then say the line — the audience roared.
Who have you played on "Law & Order"? Which edition? I've been on all of them, but a lot of people seem to remember the regular "L&O" where I play a gay father whose baby gets kidnapped by the birth mother
Worst costume ever: The one time I was on "Sex & the City," the shirt and pants they put me in made me feel like a Club Monaco salesperson
Cats or dogs? No, but a dog someday I hope
Who would play you in the movie? Miley Cyrus
Worst job you ever had: Mopping the stage after a play in which cream pies were thrown
TV or commercial gig you most enjoyed: A small recurring thing I did on "Rescue Me" playing a therapist
Leading man role you've been dying to play: I've always wanted to play Napoleon
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