Playwright Healy Is Expectant Mom With New Plays to Nurture

PlayBlog   Playwright Healy Is Expectant Mom With New Plays to Nurture
Downtown playwright Ann Marie Healy moved uptown, under the aegis of Lincoln Center Theater's LCT3 on Nov. 9 when her What Once We Felt bowed at The Duke on 42nd St. It's a dystopian forecast of things to come in the computer age — a tech-mad world where babies are downloaded instead of the old-fashioned way.

Accordingly, Healy came to the West Bank Café after-party "in costume," very large with child. "I know, it's weird," she nodded. "I wrote this play before I ever got pregnant, and, just to accessorize, I got pregnant to go along with the play." She's eight months — and it will be a boy, she said. Hubby is Bryan Miller, former New York Times restaurant critic who now writes for Harper's.

The play's heavy emphasis on ebbing human life as we know it brings to mind the recent Clive Owen film, "Children of Men" — and, yes, she saw it. "I remember thinking, 'Oh, I've got to get together with the man who wrote the original book [P.D. James]. There are so many similarities in the thinking of the world we envisioned."

One is the dumbing-down-to-the-nub of literary values. "I have friends who work in publishing, and they're constantly saying, 'What happened to the two-martini lunch?' Of course, some of that is 'Mad Men,' too." As for her own literary efforts, she is juggling two new plays at once. "Both are in kinda rough shape right now, so I'm hoping next month I can get them into better shape." Baby permitting, naturally.

—Harry Haun

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