Praxis Pleads Forget Me Not at P.S. 122 Beginning Sept. 7

News   Praxis Pleads Forget Me Not at P.S. 122 Beginning Sept. 7
Praxis, an internationally regarded avant garde theatre group, will present its latest work Forget Me Not at P.S. 122 Sept. 7-13.

Praxis is made up of Brainard Carey and Delia Bajo, who founded the company in 1999. Their first "production" was to offer hugs and foot washings in their East Village studio. Their subsequent works have also involved seemingly simple and human interactions with their audiences. In 2004, while interpreting Yoko Ono's artwork "Water" at the ISE gallery, the couple anointed participants with holy water. At the Reina Sofia Museum in Spain, they served wines and offered lectures. At the Scope Art fair in 2004, marijuana was passed around. Forget Me Not tells the story of an artist's mother's death and burial. The first act, "Tools for the Living," depicts how to take care of the living, while act two, "Tools for the Dying," looks at how to tend to those about to expire. The latter act is loosely based on the preparations Carey undertook while his mother, who had cancer, was dying. Praxis built her coffin at her request.

The show will be performed in the Upstairs Theatre nightly at 7 PM.

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