'Radio Playbill' Serves Summer Special, Plus Butz and Scott

News   'Radio Playbill' Serves Summer Special, Plus Butz and Scott
It's hot up here. It's hot as hell in Philadelphia. It's too darn hot.

It's hot up here. It's hot as hell in Philadelphia. It's too darn hot.

Porgy and Bess may have been alone is asserting that in the summertime, living is easy. Everyone else in theatre is sweating, some with worry, some with excitement. So the July 9-14 edition of "Radio Playbill" is devoted to a special Midsummer edition, reporting on the major openings on Broadway and across the U.S. in the next two months, while playing some of Broadway's most torrid summertime songs.

Also on the subject of hot, "Radio Playbill" has in the studio Sherie Rene Scott and Norbert Leo Butz, stars of Aida and Thou Shalt Not, respectively, who take us backstage on their working relationship this spring for Jason Robert Brown's The Last Five Years. They tell the stories, and "Radio Playbill" plays the songs from the recently released cast CD, which also serves as our Album of the Week.

Plus, Playbill historian Louis Botto is back with a second installment in his look back at some of Broadway's most memorable curtain calls.

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Upcoming "Radio Playbill" shows include samples from the new cast albums of Bombay Dreams, a survey of the work of Broadway's top orchestrators, and a comprehensive preview of songs from the upcoming new Broadway season.

And don't miss Playbill's theatre news headlines, being broadcast throughout the day, seven days a week on Sirius Radio's "Broadway's Best," channel 67.

Host for both the news and the magazine show is Robert Viagas, founding editor of Playbill On-Line and Theatre.com, and author of several books on theatre, including "On the Line: The Creation of A Chorus Line" and "The Amazing Story of The Fantasticks."

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