Rare Gagliano Violin Stolen from Car

Classic Arts News   Rare Gagliano Violin Stolen from Car
Twenty-three-year-old San Francisco violinist Sabina Nakajima made a very expensive mistake when she left her car illegally parked in a Safeway lot recently. The car was towed and a rare $175,000 Gagliano violin stolen from the trunk, reports San Francisco's KTVU-TV.

The instrument, built in the mid-1700s, is insured. But its owner, described as a "prominent musician" living in Washington, considers it priceless.

There were no signs of forced entry to the car. Tow truck manager Marco Aure protested his innocence. "Why would we take anything? We're good people," he told KGO-TV.

Nakajima had been hoping to buy the violin. "It's as if you know you have the perfect life partner. It's as if I found someone like that," she said.

Nakajima told police she regrets not parking the car in the local garage, "I would have spent only nine dollars at the parking garage instead of a $175,000 mistake." Her wallet and iPod were also stolen from the car.

Violin shops nationwide have been informed of the theft.

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