Riant's Strawberry One Act Festival Begins Off-Broadway Aug. 13

News   Riant's Strawberry One Act Festival Begins Off-Broadway Aug. 13
Susan Hodara's Chrysalis — part of the Riant Theatre Company's Strawberry One Act Festival — begins performances Aug. 13 at the Theatre at St. Clement's.

Three to four plays are presented nightly in the competitive festival, which allows audience members the chance to vote for their favorite short work of the evening. The winning play from each evening moves on the to semi-finals round on Aug. 17.

The festival also offers a Wild Night performance on Aug. 19 in which Riant artistic director Van Dirk Fisher will select plays to compete for a slot in the finals alongside winning presentations from the semi-finals. The festival finals are presented Aug. 21, and the winning play will be announced at a ceremony on Aug. 23.

The Strawberry One Act Festival evenings and entries follow:

Series A: A Night in Praha by Steve Capra; Jumping the Gun by Kyle Overstreet; Dreaming of a White House by Leanna Renee; and I Do… I Guess by Michael Musi. (Aug. 13 at 7 PM).

Series B: Another Chance by Keith R. Higgons; Business or Pleasure by Tom Diriwachter; The Concrete Wall by J.C. Svec; and A Broken Barbie by Ree Merrill. (Aug. 13 at 9 PM). Series C: The Debt by Jerry Della Salla; Melt Into the Sun by Camilla Maxwell; How to Be Cute and Break Hearts by Tommaso Matelli; and Chrysalis by Sue Hodara. (Aug. 14 at 7 PM).

Series D: The Baby by Susan Kaessinger; Straight Men Are Bitches Too by Anthony Fusco; Compubots by Paul Trupia; and Prescriptions by Ellen Orchid. (Aug. 14 at 9 PM).

Series E: Double Fear by Joseph Lizardi; Driving: A Lesson by Lucy Gillespie; Crime Stoppers by Paul Schmitt; and Looking for Talika by Von H. Washington. (Aug. 15 at 5 PM).

Series F: Joining the Pack by Will Lenihan; Liz and Paul by Jude Hinojosa; General Admissions by Crish Barth; and Introductions by Laurence C. Schwartz. (Aug. 15 at 7 PM).

Series G: Taming the Bull by C.C. Corry; November Mourning by Rachel Knowles; and A Time in South Africa by Ayanna Nichell. (Aug. 15 at 9 PM).

Series H: Just Like Your Uncle by Michael Monasterial; Up A River/Down the Aisle by Jake Lipman; and I Just Wish by Burt Grinstead. (Aug. 16 at 5 PM).

Series I: Bird Watching by Jeffrey L. Hollman; The Lifters by Carol Hollenbeck; 16 Tons by Adam Harlan; and Stroller Wars by Heather Gault. (Aug. 16 at 7 PM).

Series J: Differentiation by Charlotte Rahn-Lee; Beastie Buster by Gretchen O'Halloran; Deuteranomaly by Jessica Fleitman; and Turkey Day by E.K. Deutsch. (Aug. 16 at 9 PM).

For tickets phone (646) 623-3488 or visit TheRiantTheatre. The Theatre at St. Clement's is located at 423 West 46th Street.

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