Sarah Silverman's Jesus Is Magic Film Opens in NYC

News   Sarah Silverman's Jesus Is Magic Film Opens in NYC
Actress-writer-comedian Sarah Silverman's film Jesus Is Magic, based on her Off-Broadway comedy act in 2002, opens in New York City on Nov. 11.

Written by Silverman and directed by Liam Lynch, Jesus Is Magic depicts Silverman's performance in front of a live audience, mixing it with musical numbers and backstage trauma. She takes on topics like 9/11, her interfaith relationship, unwanted body hair, and the Holocaust.

"I was doing the live stage show and a friend asked if he could watch from the wings. I pretended to fake a tear to the wings, and he pretended to catch it and pleasure himself with my tear. Then I had to explain to the audience why I was laughing so hard. It was just a great moment. And I thought, wow, this could be a great visual kind of thing," Silverman said. "The songs go off into videos. You don't just see what the audience sees."

  As an actress, she has had bit parts in films such as "There's Something About Mary," "The Bachelor," "The Way of the Gun" and "Evolution." She has also appeared on television in "Saturday Night Live," "Mr. Show," "Greg the Bunny" and—her voice only—"Crank Yankers."

She is making a cameo in the new Rent film as sleazy reporter Alexi Darling.


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