Seth Numrich: Right Out of the Chute Into Shakespeare

PlayBlog   Seth Numrich: Right Out of the Chute Into Shakespeare
Only 23, Seth Numrich has let no grass grow on him since graduating from Juilliard. During the past ten months, he has done four Off-Broadway shows pretty much back-to-back, garnering a favorable critical buzz wherever he stopped: at the Rattlestick for Slipping and Blind, at LAByrinth’s Cherry Pit for Dutch Masters and, now, at The Duke on 42nd Street for On the Levee.

On July 11, the day after he wraps the latter, he starts shooting a small independent film at a military academy in upstate New York. He says, “Right now, our working title is ‘McKinley,’ which is the name of the school we’re at. I play a student at an all-boys military school who’s struggling with sexuality and where he’s going in life. Much of the script is taken from Shakespeare, actually — from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It’s similar in style to that play by Joe Calarco, R & J. These young boys start speaking Shakespeare to each other and sorta take on the roles of Romeo and Juliet. I play the young boy who ends up being the Romeo character. I did R & J at Juilliard so I’m excited to work on something like it.”

The two-and-a-half week shoot should wrap Aug. 1, under Alan Brown’s direction.

— Harry Haun

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