Shreveport Symphony Musicians Accept Pay Cut

Classic Arts News   Shreveport Symphony Musicians Accept Pay Cut
The musicians of the Shreveport (Louisiana) Symphony have agreed to accept a pay cut for the remainder of the current season, executive director Scott Green confirmed yesterday.

According to the Shreveport Times, the 15 percent cut lowers the salary of non-principal players to $12,000 a year and that of principals to $15,200.

In a statement, the orchestra's board said that the cuts were regrettable but were necessary to reach a balanced budget.

"The negotiating committee of the Shreveport Symphony has successfully negotiated a payroll adjustment for the balance of the current fiscal year," the statement read. "None of us are happy about the necessity of this adjustment. However, with the commitment of the board to "bridge the gap" in our current season and this payroll reduction we anticipate closing the year without a deficit in our operating budget."

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