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Louise Pitre, the smoky-voiced singing actress who nabbed a Tony nomination for her Broadway bow in Mamma Mia!, is currently hard at work learning the score for two diverse productions.

Pitre has been cast as Ulrika in the concert version of Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus' international hit Kristina (Sept. 23-24 at Carnegie Hall) and in the dual roles of Mayor Babs Belgoody and Ma Ferd in the Canadian production of The Toxic Avenger (beginning Oct. 20 at Toronto's Music Hall).

In an upcoming interview for Diva Talk, Pitre tells, "Yes, [I'm learning] these two scores, which is ridiculous because they couldn't be more different. I'm going between the two. I'm singing all my stuff everyday at this point because I've learned it all. So I'm singing my guts out, first Kristina, then Toxic Avenger," she laughs. "It's a bit weird."

Thankfully, Pitre also plays piano, which has helped her learn this voluminous amount of music. "Once you know it really well," she adds, "then it's good to get away from the keyboard, from playing it yourself, and having someone else play it through. But I play, so I always learn my stuff by myself."

The full interview with Pitre — including her thoughts about the "Mamma Mia!" film — will debut Sept. 4.

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