Skull Thought to be Mozart's Undergoes DNA Testing

Classic Arts News   Skull Thought to be Mozart's Undergoes DNA Testing
A skull held by the International Mozarteum Foundation in Salzburg is undergoing DNA tests in order to determine if it is the skull of the composer, the Associated Press reports.

The graves of Mozart's father and other relatives in Salzburg have been opened, and experts plan to compare the genetic material of the relatives with that of the foundation's skull.

The foundation, a nonprofit organization devoted to preserving the composer's legacy, acquired the skull in 1902 when, reportedly, a gravedigger retrieved it from the pauper's grave in Vienna's St. Marxer Cemetery where Mozart was buried in 1791. Through unspecified channels, the skull, minus its lower jaw, found its way to the foundation.

The skull has previously undergone several tests, all inconclusive. The outcome of the DNA tests will be reported early next year.

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