Solo Performer Mike Albo's Book "The Underminer" Published

News   Solo Performer Mike Albo's Book "The Underminer" Published
Bloomsbury Publishing has released "The Underminer," a fictional comic novel by performance artist Mike Albo and New York Times critic Virginia Heffernan.

The title is the name of a character Albo invented and performs in his current piece, "My Price Point," at P.S. 122. The book is written as a first person narrative in which The Underminer repeatedly meets with a hapless friend. While purporting to be the listener's oldest and closest pal, the speaker subtlely undermines the other's confidence through a series of subtle and nearly undetectable slights and criticisms.

A sample passage:

"So, what are you up to? Oh? Really? Writing fiction? Ugh, I do not envy you! Fiction writing is a hard nut to crack. No no no, I TOTALLY think you should go ahead and write fiction! Look at all the idiotic people getting in the New Yorker these days. It's an open field."

Albo's solo shows, typically attacking America's consumer culture, have include Spray and Please Everything Burst. He is the author of the 2000 book "Hornito: My Lie Life."

"The Underminer," running 164 pages, is priced at $19.95.

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