Sookie on Stage: A "True Blood" Musical?

News   Sookie on Stage: A "True Blood" Musical?
Now entering its seventh and final season, HBO's "True Blood" may be ending its mortal life on screen, but rumor has it Sookie and Bill will rise again on stage in a "True Blood" musical.

The "True Blood" composer, Nathan Barr, told the Associated Press at the show's season premiere June 17 that a "True Blood" musical was in the works. In a statement, Barr said, "I think we're really going to try to return to the roots of the show." The stage version will, like the television show, revolve around Sookie Stackhouse - telepath and protagonist. Stephen Moyer ("The Sound of Music Live") and the HBO show's star revealed that he'd helped Barr with some samples of the musical to pitch to both the network and to "True Blood" writer and creator Alan Ball ("Six Feet Under").

Other vampire musicals on Broadway have not been terribly successful (harken back to the Broadway production of "Lestat" which ran for barely two months in 2006), but will "True Blood" on stage change the game?

Barr did not guarantee that anything was for sure, but said in a statement, "the direction we're heading in is really exciting."

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