Spider-Man Spokesperson Reacts to Early Observations/Reviews

News   Spider-Man Spokesperson Reacts to Early Observations/Reviews
Over the holiday weekend, both Linda Winer of Newsday and Jeremy Gerard of Bloomberg News offered informal reviews of Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark, rather than waiting until after the show officially opens, a customary rule among Broadway theatre critics.

About these early reviews, Spider-Man press agent Rick Miramontez told The Hollywood Reporter, "For a major critic to review a Broadway musical, or play for that matter, after only the twentieth preview, is disappointing and uncalled for... Whatever reason the critic or their editor may have, it does not mask the fact that for decades, musicals have developed in front of paying audiences before critics are INVITED... While we are certainly not naive about the media scrutiny attached to this production, as we have been accommodating throughout, this unprecedented new development is troubling, to say the least."

In her Dec. 25 article, which offered more audience reaction than her own, Winer wrote, "After four premiere push-backs (now to Feb. 7), four high-profile injuries, 19 previews at full price ($75-$150, almost double through brokers), and public investigations by state and federal safety agencies, it seems that critics are now the only interested parties who can't see the bride before the wedding." The theatre reporter/critic told the New York Times that she considered her piece more "preliminary observations" than a review.

Gerard's article was more of a typical theatre review, offering his opinions of the book, score and design elements. He told the Times that he planned to revisit the show in early February when critics will be invited to attend.

When asked whether the Times might review the $65 million production early, Jonathan Landman, the Culture editor of The Times, wrote in an email, "It's easy to see why they did it and completely understandable and I admit that we've been tempted. After all, these guys are raking in the cash, charging some people more than $200 a ticket. Still, it's clear that the producers really are making significant changes and a review that's out of date when the show opens isn’t all that useful. So we'll wait, but not forever."

Spider-Man is currently scheduled to officially open Feb. 7, 2011 at the Foxwoods Theatre.

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