Tankred Dorst Will Direct 2006 Ring in Bayreuth

Classic Arts News   Tankred Dorst Will Direct 2006 Ring in Bayreuth
German playwright Tankred Dorst will direct the new Ring cycle at the Wagner Festival in Bayreuth, Germany, in 2006, Agence France-Presse reports.

Dorst takes the place of Danish film director Lars von Trier, who dropped out of the production this past summer, saying he was not up to the job.

Von Trier, the director of such films as Dogville and The Idiots, was a controversial choice for the project, but festival director Wolfgang Wagner, the grandson of the composer, has been trying to breathe some new life into the event.

No less of an unconventional choice, Dorst is best known for political plays such as Die Kurve ("The Curve") and Merlin, oder das w‹ste Land ("Merlin, or the Waste Land"), a monumental six-hour drama about, according to the playwright, "the failure of the utopias."

"The offer from Bayreuth surprised me, and I was frightened at first," Dorst told the Berlin daily paper Tagesspiegel, "but my advantage is that I don't have to continue a career as an opera director."

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