Tehran Symphony Conductor Quits Over Musicians' Pay

Classic Arts News   Tehran Symphony Conductor Quits Over Musicians' Pay
Ali Rahbari, the conductor of the Tehran Symphony, has resigned his post in protest of low pay for the orchestra's musicians, the web site IranMania reports.

At a concert on November 18, Rahbari said, "I cannot bear this situation when I see a good musicians of this group get paid 800,000 rials [$88.30] a month.... I came back to my country with all my love and interest, but I will not conduct any orchestra in Tehran until the musicians are respected once again."

Rahbari has returned to Vienna, where he received his training.

The conductor's departure comes just months after he was appointed the permanent conductor of the Tehran Symphony. He previously served as principal guest conductor of the Czech Philharmonic and music director of the Belgian Radio and Television Orchestra.

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