The Compass Welcomes Director and Activist Mauricio Salgado

The Compass Podcast   The Compass Welcomes Director and Activist Mauricio Salgado
Leah Walsh hosts the series that has rededicated its programming to the work of individuals who are using their art as activism.
 Mauricio Salgado
Mauricio Salgado

The Compass, a podcast dedicated to the stories of working actors, writers, directors, designers, dancers, musicians, composers, and playwrights, is beginning a new initiative in which creator and host Leah Walsh will welcome guests who are both artists and activists—especially those who are taking action and working for change.

Episode 104 welcomes director, actor, teacher, and activist Mauricio Salgado, who speaks about his work with non-profit Artists Striving to End Poverty, as well as going back to school for directing, his commitment to social action, and more.

The Compass can be downloaded for free on iTunes.

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