The French Side of Israel (Horovitz)

PlayBlog   The French Side of Israel (Horovitz)
Marathon sprinter and prolific playwright Israel Horovitz, a fit-looking 70, hasn't cut back on the running or the writing, he says. The current opus occupying him is called The Sins of the Mother (it's about time that story got out).

"And I'm writing a memoir for a French publisher," he reveals. He has yet to settle on a title for it — "something like My Life, So Far or My French Life . . ."

And speaking of things francaise, his most successful play of the decade — a 2002 triangular tug-of-war over a Parisian apartment — continues to be successful: "My Old Lady just played in Paris last year the whole year, and I've just finished a movie script of it. Isabelle Adjani has said yes to play the daughter. We're hoping it'll be Kevin Kline and Jeanne Moreau for the other roles. You never know."

— Harry Haun

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