The Highly Improbable Search for Trevor McDoogal Will Debut at Indiana's Hanover College

News   The Highly Improbable Search for Trevor McDoogal Will Debut at Indiana's Hanover College
Hanover College senior Bryan Kerr gets his chance to shine March 26-28 when his original play, The Highly Improbable Search for Trevor McDoogal, opens at the Parker Auditorium at Hanover College in Hanover, IN.

The play, which is Kerr's senior project, features a cast of 11 Hanover students, including Brad Robinson in the title role of Trevor McDoogal, and Jon Becraft (Troll/Iri), Kelsey Daly (Princess Katherine), Krista Emmelman (Iri) Sara Ferriell (Leoto), Jessica Hines (Sunburst/Iri), Cat Kramer (Thomas), Dan McCormick (Philip, Nicole Nathan (Gwen), Tori Pace (Moonshadow/Iri) and Zach Reed (Gunther).

Kerr, a theatre major at Hanover College, has been developing Trevor McDoogal since spring 2009. "I started with a rough idea on the plot and characters last April," Kerr told "I worked over the summer on a first draft. From there, it was a process of talking about [it], having lots of people read it, and getting some feedback — and getting some things on their feet to see it. The draft that is being produced is the third draft and was finished in January. So when it's all said and done, I'll have been working on it about a year."

Here's how the play is billed in production notes: "Ever wonder what happens when the lights go out after the show? There's nothing to do and nothing ever happens. Or does it? In an instant, Trevor McDoogal is pulled into a fantastic world made of the very things he found so ordinary seconds before. But now he has to find a way home. And for Trevor, who has found himself at the center of great conflict between opposing forces in this new world, getting home seems like an impossible task. He'll need to rely not only on some interesting friends he meets along the way, but also on himself. Will Trevor find the strength and courage within? Will he make it home? Come watch Trevor’s amazing journey in this new play for the entire family."

"This is an incredibly student-run production," said Kerr. "All designers, actors [and] technicians are students. Although we have to get departmental approval and I have gotten feedback from the professors in the early stages of the play, once the play went into production, we as a group of students took it over and it has been an amazing experience. Everyone — especially the students — has been really supportive. The faculty has been pretty hands-off at our request, but are always there if we do need anything."

He added, "[It's] already beginning to generate some buzz on campus and in the community," said Kerr. The creative team for Trevor McDoogal features technical director Rob Doenges, props master Taylor Elliot, lighting designer Jon Harden, sound designer Jack Murphy, costume designer Spencer Sholty and scenic designer Sharon Turnbow. Emily Barkemeyer stage-manages and Meghan Dawson is the assistant stage manager.

The Improbable Search for Trevor McDoogal runs March 26-28 at the Parker Auditorium at Hanover College, 359 E. LaGrange Road, Hanover, IN. For more information, click here.

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