"THE" Jason Robert Brown Stops File-Sharing

PlayBlog   "THE" Jason Robert Brown Stops File-Sharing
Tony Award-winning composer Jason Robert Brown is hoping to stop illegal sharing of his sheet music one e-mail at a time. But it might take a blog post to really get his point across.

On June 29, the composer-lyricist of Parade, Songs for a New World, The Last Five Years and 13, posted a lengthy e-mail exchange on his official website that traces one particular online conversation with a young woman who couldn't quite believe Brown had really contacted her.

Brown states that he contacted hundreds of users on a certain file-sharing site, requesting that they not illegally share his music online, in the hope that performers who wish to perform his songs would purchase the sheet music in compliance with the law.

Many of the individuals he contacted complied. Except for one, who, though she stopped sharing the files, gave Brown a run for his money… literally. Here's an excerpt: "Let me get this straight. You expect me to believe that you are Jason Robert Brown. THE Jason Robert Brown. And that you have taken the time to go onto random websites and create an account just to message people not to trade your sheet music?"

This is where I'll redirect you to his official page so you can read what transpired for yourself. In the meantime, does anyone have $3.99 they can lend Eleanor so she can sing "I'd Give It All For You"?

As Oscar Wilde once said: "Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life." In a similar turn, Tony-nominated actress Sherie Rene Scott depicts an online e-mail/Youtube encounter with a young fan in her show Everyday Rapture. Scott practically jumps through hoops on her own quest to prove her identity to the fan, who refuses to believe she is who she says she is.

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