The Madonna Songs Likely to Appear on "Glee" Are . . .

PlayBlog   The Madonna Songs Likely to Appear on "Glee" Are . . .
Entertainment Weekly's Oct. 30 cover story on "Glee" had a clutch of tantalizing scoops about the second half of the hit dramedy's inaugural season, one of which was that Madonna had granted the TV show permission to use her song catalog for an all-Madge episode.

Now, the first trickle of information about that upcoming show has arrived: The exhaustively detailed Madonna fansite MadonnaTribe is reporting a list of songs that will be featured. The complete list, which leans heavily toward classic 80's/'90s-era Madonna, comprises "Borderline," "Open Your Heart," "Burning Up," "4 Minutes," "Crazy for You," "Like a Virgin," "Like a Prayer," "What It Feels Like For a Girl," "Vogue" and "Express Yourself."

Despite the professional sheen of, we're going to take the song list with a grain of salt, primarily because the ten titles being tipped are double the number of songs usually presented in an episode. So unless the all-Madonna show is through-sung or will include one very big medley (not a bad idea!), we're speculating that this is just an extended list of songs the "Glee" producers are seeking to clear from rights-holders. Given the length of time it can take to clear song rights, an extended song list would offer the show's creatives enough options to choose from when the show eventually goes into production.

But hey, if we're wrong and "Glee" producers manage to shoehorn ten Madonna songs into 42 minutes, we won't complain.

"Glee," which stars Broadway's Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele, returns to FOX with fresh episodes April 13.

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