Ticketmaster Changes Seating Game

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Theatregoers will soon have the chance to hand-select the best seats in the house.

Ticketmaster.com has revealed a new interactive seating map that will allow ticket buyers the ability to choose their seats in a manner similar to booking an airline ticket. This means that if you prefer aisle seating, all you have to do is click.

The Ticketmaster map shows the entire floor plan of the respective venue and which tickets are available for purchase. Individuals click on each ticket they wish to purchase and proceed to checkout. Features include the ability to show premium seats, limited price range and specific sections all from one window.

The new model, which is currently only available for sporting events, puts the customer in control and expedites the online purchasing process by bypassing numerous questions that individuals must field prior to having seats selected for them at random.

Ticketmaster notes that certain high-profile events will not utilize the interactive menu in order to avoid having several parties attempting to purchase the same seats.

Test-drive the new map here.

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