Traveling With Mozart: A Crossword Puzzle

Classic Arts Features   Traveling With Mozart: A Crossword Puzzle
As the Mostly Mozart Festival celebrates the composer's international travels and influences, Playbill asks: How much do you know about Mozart?

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3. Music Director Louis ____
4. Conductor Paavo (son of
5. Orli's brother
6. Mozart performed for King George III at this famous palace in London
8. Mozart and his sister performed in this king's court at Versailles
10. Court ____ seating (new this year in Avery Fisher Hall)
11. Pianist Emanuel
13. Youngest son of J.S.
14. Famous chapel where Mozart heard Allegri's Miserere
15. Country where Mozart met Jommelli, Sammartini, Martini, Paisiello, and Piccinni
18. Mozart's sister
23. Mozart's dad
25. Pianist ____ Fellner
26. Fashionable Italian town where Mozart composed Mitridate
27. Where Mozart saw smoke near Napoli
28. Choreographer ____ Morris
29. Emma and Joshua

1. Symphony No. 38 in D major, K. 504
2. Pianist Jean-Yves ____
5. Mozart's Don that debuted in Prague
7. Mostly Mozart Festival ____
9. Knight with a flute
12. Symphony No. 31 in D major, K. 297
16. Mozart's famous early sketchbook
17. A Little ____ Music
19. Mozart bio-pic
20. Mozart's birthplace
21. ____ Kapilow
22. 18th-century traveler's worry
24. Home of Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev

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