UNLOCK THE VAULT: Dec. 13, The Roar of the Greasepaint - The Size of the Crowd

News   UNLOCK THE VAULT: Dec. 13, The Roar of the Greasepaint - The Size of the Crowd
In celebration of Playbill’s new site, Playbill Vault, we offer a month-long theatrical treasure hunt! Playbill Vault offers an interactive treasure trove for theatre fans, students, aficionados and historians alike. To build the Playbill Vault, more than a dozen Playbill staff members spent nearly 18 months scanning, cataloging and tagging thousands of programs from the Playbill archives in Queens and Manhattan, as well as synching up tens of thousands of news stories, photos and videos from 17 years of theatre coverage online on Playbill.com.

Upon the Dec. 1 launch of its beta version, the Playbill Vault includes information on over 10,000 shows and 120,000 actors, creative teams and crew members who have worked or are currently working on Broadway, with content being added on a daily basis.


The size of a theatre subtly influences your theatregoing experience. Some shows play better in an intimate space with a smaller audience; some extravaganzas play better in a big space with a big crowd. By definition Broadway theatres must have 499 seats or more. The biggest is more than three times that size. Smaller theatres tend to house plays, while bigger theatres usually host musicals. Which Broadway theatre has the most seats, and which has the fewest? And, how big is the theatre where your favorite show is playing? Find out in the "Grosses" section of the Playbill Vault. Look in the column "Seats Sold/Seats in Theatre." The bottom number is the number of seats in that theatre; the top one is the number of seats that were sold over eight performances last week.


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Biggest Broadway Theatre: The Foxwoods with 1,930 seats

Smallest Broadway Theatre: The Helen Hayes with 583 seats

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