Watch Highlights From Week 2 of At-Home #LivingRoomTheatre

Sponsored Content   Watch Highlights From Week 2 of At-Home #LivingRoomTheatre
Students get creative over Zoom with The Wizard of Oz, a drama troupe does A Chorus Line, and more.

As stay-at-home safety measure continue, creativity is the cure to cabin fever. Playbill and Concord Theatricals teamed up to provide fodder for everyone to keep their dramatic juices flowing by providing scripts to scenes from your favorite shows to produce #LivingRoomTheatre in your own home.

While our first round of highlights featured families getting into the theatrical spirit, this week we feature the school drama classes and adult theatre troupes who persist in honing their craft and having some fun while maintaining social distance.

With scripts from Concord Theatricals’ vast catalog, we served up eight scenes you could perform from shows like A Chorus Line, Annie Get Your Gun, Eurydice, Native Gardens, Our Town, Ken Ludwig’s Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Sound of Music, and The Wizard of Oz.

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Rehearsed and recorded over Zoom, decorated with “scenic design” of backgrounds, donned in homemade costumes, take a look at the performances below. If you feel inspired, click here for the scene scripts. It’s time for the show!

Annie Get Your Gun
Starring: Anna Bonema (Annie Oakley), Madeline Lawrence (Little Jake), Lexi Hunter (Frank Butler)

A Chorus Line
Starring: Christine Johnson, Betty Anne Leiby, Brian Lose, Debbie Lose, Dorene Meaders, Elaine Pfeil, John Pfeil, Debi Prestine, Brian Silva, Syd Stauffer

The Wizard of Oz
Starring: Natalie Burg (Dorothy Gale) Cara DeFelice (Oz), Kaitlyn Heaman (Tinman) Alannah Santa Maria (Cowardly Lion), Nicole Spengler (Scarecrow), Frankie Gifford-Scott (Toto)

The Sound of Music
Starring: Natalie Burg (Sister Margaretta), Meghan Ferrara (Maria Rainer), Gabriella Sarti (Mother Abbess)

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