What Show Did This Sacramento Student Travel to NYC to See?

Outside the Theatre   What Show Did This Sacramento Student Travel to NYC to See?
The Broadway-lover talks aspirations beyond high school, her favorite show and what musical theatre means to her.
Olivia Birmingham
Olivia Birmingham Monica Simoes
Olivia Birmingham
Olivia Birmingham Monica Simoes

Who: Olivia Birmingham
Stopped: In Shubert Alley

Are you seeing a show tonight?
I am! I’m going to Hamilton.

Wow! How did you score the golden ticket?
My dad bought me tickets as a birthday present, which I’m forever grateful for. They were probably more expensive than what my birthday is worth.

Are you a big musical theatre fan?
I am. I’ve been going to the Sacramento Broadway series since I was a kid. That’s where I’m from.

What does musical theatre mean to you?
For me, it’s about exposure. I like seeing and gathering different people’s perspectives and how that’s portrayed onstage. I’m very open to other people and what they think. I also like it when different styles of music are integrated; that’s why I love Hamilton so much.

What are you most excited to see in the show tonight?
The cast. I’ve grown so fond of them just by listening to the cast album and seeing their pictures. I’m really attached to this cast. I’m upset that Lin-Manuel Miranda is leaving, but I’m also proud of him because he deserves time off!

Do you have a favorite cast member?
Daveed Diggs. He has such a bubbly personality.

Did you come to New York City just for Hamilton?
Partly. I came here to see the show and to visit colleges, as well. I’m looking at a few on the east coast. I like the vibe here.

What do you want to study?
Engineering. I’m thinking mechanical right now, but that might change.

What’s the theatre scene like in Sacramento?
It’s the only theatre I’ve been to, but, to me, it’s really nice. All of the shows are really good.

How would you describe NYC in one word?
Loud. I’ve never been to a city with so much noise.

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