What's Your Dream Role?

PlayBlog   What's Your Dream Role?
Let’s face it, theatre people, we all have a dream role.  For some it might be Blanche, for others Dorothy. Still others might kill for a shot at Dirty Harry.

If you want to see some theatrical dreams come true, show up at 92YTribeca on Feb. 17 at 9 PM for Dream Role!
The downtown venue is the show’s new home. According to press materials, “It features people from every walk of life performing their dream role, no matter how big or small, live on stage.  Different themes and casts keep the show fresh and each show is accompanied by the amazing Frank Spitznagel on piano.”
The latest installment of Dream Role features talent from the far side of the casting table:

  • Mary Egan-Callahan (Casting Director, House Productions)

  • Phil Cassese (Agent, Talent Works)

  • Carrie Faverty (Casting Director, Sound Lounge)

  • Yvonne Gougelet (Producer)

  • Jerry Kallarakkal (Agent, DDO Artists)

  • Danny Salles (Producer, Director)

  • Marla Webber (Agent, Don Buchwald Associates)

Dream Role is produced by Glennis McMurray, Katina Corrao amd Sara Jo Allocco, the trio of comediennes behind production company Thrilled by Three.
92YTribeca is located at 200 Hudson Street. To purchase tickets, or for more information, Click Here.
Visit the Dream Role website here.

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