White Wedding by Polish Playwright Rozewicz, Opens Nov. 12

News   White Wedding by Polish Playwright Rozewicz, Opens Nov. 12
White Wedding

White WeddingA company spokesperson described White Wedding as "a playful and erotic romp through the turn-of-the century Polish countryside...In this surreal fairy tale for adults, a young girl who is about to be married struggles with her sexuality while contending with her nymphomaniac sister, lecherous father and repressed mother."

Despite the mother's best efforts, the prim Victorian society of her orderly bourgeois household is constantly overwhelmed by eruptions of pagan sexuality. Satyrs frolic, giant phallus-like mushrooms sprout, milkmaids, cooks and innocent house guests flee the mad assaults of a half-man, half-bull right out of the Dionysiac sex cults of the ancient Greeks.

Tosewicz was described by The Guardian (U.K.) as "one of the modern masters of the century's dark realities." His main interest is the persistent split in Western culture between body and soul, heart and mind, sexuality and spirituality.

City Garage is located at 1340 1/2 (alley) 4th St. in Santa Monica. For tickets and information call (310) 319-9939.

-- By Willard Manus
Southern California Correspondent

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