Winnipeg Symphony Balances Budget, Retires Debt

Classic Arts News   Winnipeg Symphony Balances Budget, Retires Debt
The Winnipeg Symphony balanced its budget for the second consecutive year in 2004-05, the orchestra announced.

The WSO also said that its accumulated debt, which peaked at C$2.9 million, has been completely eliminated.

The WSO has apparently emerged from a period of instability that included a lockout of musicians during the 2001-02 season and a cash crisis and government takeover the following season.

Most significantly, the shrinking attendance that dogged the orchestra has been reversed. After selling C$895,000 of subscriptions in 2004-05, the orchestra has topped the C$1 million mark for the current season.

"We are encouraged that subscribers are responding to our subscription campaign by renewing, coming back after some absence, and even signing up for the first time," said board chair Carol Bellringer. "Subscriber feedback indicates a resonance with this season's programming and a restored trust in the future of the WSO."

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