Schedule of Upcoming Off-Broadway Shows

News   Schedule of Upcoming Off-Broadway Shows Due to the expansive nature of Off-Broadway, this list is not comprehensive.

• Mint Theater
• First Preview: December 27, 2016
• Opening: January 26, 2017
• Playwright: Miles Malleson
• Director: Jonathan Bank
• Cast: Max von Essen, Todd Cerveris, Elisabeth Gray, John Hutton, Mikaela Izquierdo

Stephen and Anne, blissfully happy for eight years, are committed to living up to their ideals. When Stephen, a writer who isn’t writing, begins to sink into a funk of unproductive moodiness, Anne encourages him to seek out a fresh spark. Can their marriage survive uncompromising generosity, sacrifice and love?

• Rattlestick Playwrights Theater & Page 73
• First Preview: January 10, 2017
• Opening: January 22, 2017
• Playwright: Basil Kreimendahl
• Director: Dustin Wills
• Cast: Jess Barbagallo, Stephen Payne, Mary Testa, Irene Sofia Lucio, Ruy Iskandar

After being poisoned by Agent Orange in the jungles of Vietnam, Julius is dying; his body is racked with cancer and his mind gone. Nut, his adult child, tries to reconnect with Julius by caring for his decaying body, sorting through childhood memories, and diving into war movie fantasies, ultimately finding ways to connect with him in ways Nut never expected.

Atlantic Theater Company
• First Preview: January 11, 2017
• Opening: January 23, 2017
• Playwright: Paola Lázaro
• Director: David Mendizábal
• Cast: Victor Almanzar, Sean Carvajal, Alexander Flores, Yadira Guevara-Prip, Juan Carlos Hernández, Selenis Leyva, Talene Monahon, Flaco Navaja, Dascha Polanco, Lisa Ramirez, Luis Vega, Analisa veleZ

You're in Puerto Rico. Old San Juan. You're a tourist, you walk down the stairs of this beautiful old fort built by the Spaniards. When you reach the bottom, you realize you're in a hole. Welcome to the basement that lies under the tourism and behind the fort walls. You spend some days there, you don’t want to leave. Oh no, you’re addicted. Tell Hector I Miss Him unmasks a community built on the law of respect that keeps getting washed away but refuses to drown.

• Classic Stage Company
• First Preview: January 11, 2017
• Opening: January 26, 2017
• Playwright: David Ives and Pierre Corneille
• Director: Michael Kahn
• Cast: Christian Conn, Aubrey Deeker, Carson Elrod, Kelly Hutchinson, Adam Lefevre, Ismenia Mendes, Amelia Pedlow, Tony Roach

David Ives adapts Pierre Corneille’s 17th century farce of mistaken identities and secrets, Le Menteur. In The Liar, the charming Dorante cannot tell the truth, and the manservant Cliton cannot tell a lie.

• MCC Theater
• First Preview: January 12, 2017
• Opening: January 30, 2017
• Playwright: Anna Jordan
• Director: Trip Cullman
• Cast: Ari Graynor, Lucas Hedges, Stefania LaVie Owen, Justice Smith

Bobbie and Hench are home alone. Days are filled by streaming porn, playing video games, and watching the world go by. Their mom rarely visits these days, and it’s chaos when she does. But when animal-loving neighbor Jenny takes an interest in their dog Taliban, the boys discover a world far beyond what they know. Yen explores a childhood lived without boundaries.

• St. Ann's Warehouse
• First Preview: January 13, 2017
• Opening: January 18, 2017
• Director: Phyllida Lloyd
• Cast: Jade Anouka, Sheila Atim, Jackie Clune, Shiloh Coke, Karen Dunbar, Clare Dunne, Zainab Hasan, Jennifer Joseph, Martina Laird, Sophie Stanton, Carolina Valdés, Harriet Walter

The Donmar Warehouse returns to St. Ann’s with The Tempest, set in a women’s prison. The show is the third and final production of Phyllida Lloyd’s revelatory all-female Shakespeare Trilogy .

• New York City Center Stage II
• First Preview: January 24, 2017
• Opening: February 12, 2017
• Plawyright: Alan Hruska
• Director: Rick Lombardo
• Cast: William Connell, Katie Kleiger, Graeme Malcolm, George Merrick, Daniel Pearce

Ring Twice for Miranda is a tragi-comedy set in difficult times, roiled by economic upheavals. A man known only as Sir rules with a vengeance, but it's Miranda, a chambermaid, who adds intrigue to his life. When Elliot, the butler, is fired, she flees with him in defiance onto the frightening streets. All must soon make critical decisions with imperfect facts to guide them, since little in their world is as it appears.

• Cherry Lane Theatre/Primary Stages
• First Preview: January 25, 2017
• Opening: February 8, 2017
• Playwright: Tanya Saracho
• Director: Jerry Ruiz
• Cast: Annie Dow, Eddie Martinez

In this sharp, true-to-life new comedy, Mexican-American Lucia is hired to write for a Latina TV character in a cutthroat Hollywood TV studio. She soon discovers that the Latino studio custodian, Abel, has a windfall of plot ideas. As their friendship grows, Lucia begins incorporating Abel's ideas into her scripts, fast-tracking her to success at work—and to complication in her personal life.

• Second Stage Theatre
• First Preview: January 26, 2017
• Opening: Februrary 15, 2017
• Playwright: Tracy Letts
• Director: David Cromer
• Cast: Reed Birney, Heidi Armbruster, Tom Bloom, Annika Boras, Nana Mensah, Max Gordon Moore, Kathleen Peirce, William Ragsdale, Annette O'Toole

Ken, a middle aged man from Nebraska, embarks on a quest for a meaningful existence after losing his faith and sense of purpose.

• Signature Theatre Company
• First Preview: January 31, 2017
• Opening: February 21, 2017
• Playwright: Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
• Director: Lila Neugebauer
• Cast: Jocelyn Bioh, Brooke Bloom, Michael Braun, Marylouise Burke, Louis Cancelmi, Lilyana Tiare Cornell, David Patrick Kelly, Lakisha Michelle May, Chris Perfetti

A modern riff on the 15th Century morality play Everyman.

• The New Group/Signature Theatre - Pershing Square
• First Preview: January 31, 2017
• Opening: February 16, 2017
• Playwright: Wallace Shawn
• Director: Scott Elliott
• Cast: Matthew Broderick, Wallace Shawn, Jill Eikenberry, John Epperson, Larry Pine, Claudia Shear, Annapurna Sriram, Michael Tucker

A reunion at the almost legendary club, The Talk House. Still presided over by the kindly Nellie, there’s the same genteel atmosphere, the familiar drinks and the special snacks. The playwright, the composer, the actress. The former television star brutally beaten up. The possibility of a pleasant night.

• New York Theatre Workshop
• First Preview: January 31 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Geoff Sobelle
• Director: David Neumann
• Cast: TBA

This immersive theatrical installation turns the theatre into a storage facility of gargantuan proportion where audiences are free to roam and poke through the clutter.

• Roundabout Theater - Laura Pels Theatre
• First Preview: February 2, 2017
• Opening: February 22, 2017
• Playwright: Steven Levenson
• Director: Daniel Sullivan
• Cast: Larry Bryggman, Maria Dizzia, Tasha Lawrence, Jeremy Shamos, Seth Michael Steinberg, Kate Walsh

In the final months before 9/11, liberal Jewish studies professor Michael Fischer has reunited with his two sisters to celebrate their father's 75th birthday. Each deeply invested in their own version of family history, the siblings clash over everything from Michael’s controversial scholarly work to the mounting pressures of caring for an ailing parent. As destructive secrets and long-held resentments bubble to the surface, the three negotiate—with biting humor and razor-sharp insight—how much of the past they’re willing to sacrifice for a chance at a new beginning.

• Vineyard Theatre
• First Preview: February 2, 2017
• Opening: February 22, 2017
• Music: John Kander, Book and Lyrics: Greg Pierce
• Director: Liesl Tommy
• Cast: Ann Arvia, Joel Blum, Laura Darrell, Jeffry Denman, Brandon Flynn, Daniel Jenkins, Dee Roscioli, Karen Ziemba, Blake Zolfo

In KID VICTORY, seventeen-year old Luke returns to his small Kansas town after a wrenching one-year absence. As his friendship grows with the town misfit, Emily, his parents realize that in order to truly find their son, they must confront some unnerving truths about his disappearance.

• Pipeline Theatre Company/St. John's Lutheran Church - Greenpoint, Brooklyn
• First Preview: February 3, 2017
• Opening: February 12, 2017
• Music: Dave Molloy
• Book: Jason Craig
• Director: Ellie Heyman
• Cast: Damon Daunno, Alex Highsmith, Liz Leimkuhler, Brian Bock, Willy Appleman, Rolls Andre, Shaye Troha, and Ben Langhorst

Explode the mad inner workings of Rasputin, the infamous mystic who sexed his way to the fall of the Russian monarchy in this immersive production.

• The Public Theater/Joe's Pub
• First Preview: February 23, 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Ethan Lipton
• Director: Leigh Silverman
• Cast: TBA

A new adventure in bittersweet and hilariously off-kilter storytelling. With music by Vito Dieterle, Eben Levy and Ian Riggs and performed by the quartet (Ethan Lipton & his Orchestra), THE OUTER SPACE follows one married couple as they leave the noise, pollution and overpriced rents of Earth for the vast beauty and treacherous terrain of the final frontier. But can they survive the journey?

• MTC/City Center
• First Preview: February 3, 2017
• Opening: February 23, 2017
• Playwright: Penelope Skinner
• Director: Lynne Meadow
• Cast: Janie Dee, Meghann Fahy, Molly Griggs, Jennifer Ikeda, Maurice Jones, Donald Sage Mackay, Molly Ranson, John C. Vennema

Linda Wilde has dedicated her life to changing the world. She’s won awards for her efforts, at the same time as working hard to become an inspiring mother, and an independent, loving wife. Now, at 55, she seems to have it all. But Linda isn’t satisfied. She’s a woman in her prime and she’s embarking on her most ambitious plan to date. But beneath the surface, the cracks are starting to show.

• Roundabout Theatre Company/Black Box Theatre
• First Preview: Februrary 7, 2017
• Opening: Februrary 19, 2017
• Playwright: Martín Zimmerman
• Director: Leigh Silverman
• Cast: Marin Ireland

When a senseless act of violence changes her life forever, a liberal college professor finds herself inexplicably drawn to the very weapon used to perpetrate the crime—and to the irresistible feeling of power that comes from holding life and death in her hands. Peering down the barrel of a uniquely American crisis, she begins to suspect that when it comes to gun violence, we’re all part of the problem.

• Pershing Square Signature Center
• First Preview: February 7, 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Will Eno
• Director: Will Eno
• Cast: Michael Emerson and January LaVoy

What are we here for? Is time a friend or an enemy? Do we all eventually end up in the same place, but take different routes to get there? This funny, moving, and thought-provoking new play, written and directed by Lucille Lortel and Obie Award-winner Will Eno, challenges the notion of what really matters and recognizes the importance of life’s simple pleasures. (All of which might sound dreary, but there’s a chance this will be a really good experience.)

• Atlantic Theater Company/Linda Gross Theater
• First Preview: February 8, 2017
• Opening: February 27, 2017
• Playwright: David Mamet
• Director: Neil Pepe
• Cast: Chris Bauer, Jordan Lage, Rebecca Pidgeon, Lawrence Gilliard Jr.

A renowned psychiatrist is asked to testify on behalf of a young patient. When he refuses, his career, ethics and faith are thrown into question. A thrilling world premiere from the great American dramatist and Atlantic co-founder David Mamet.

• Lincoln Center Theater/Claire Tow Theatre
• First Preview: February 11, 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Bryna Turner
• Director: Lee Sunday Evans
• Cast: Enid Graham, Ruibo Qian, Michele Selene Ang, Lizbeth Mackay, and Crystal Lucas-Perry

Follow Mary Woolley and her partner Jeannette Marks as they reform and revolutionize women's education at the height of the suffrage movement. As evolving ambitions and desires strain the couple's relationship, this fast-paced comedy explores how we change the world, how the world changes us, and how we try to grow old together.

• Barrow Street Theatre
• First Preview: February 14, 2017
• Opening: March 1, 2017
• Music/Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, Book by Hugh Wheeler
• Director: Bill Buckhurst
• Cast: Jeremy Seacomb, Siobhan McCarthy, Duncan Smith, Joseph Taylor (until April 9, 2017)
Norm Lewis, Carolee Carmello, Jamie Jackson, John Michael Lyles (starting April 11, 2017)
Matt Doyle, Alex Finke, Betsy Morgan, Brad Oscar, Colin Anderson, Liz Pearce, Monet Sabel

A barber who was unjustly imprisoned for years by a corrupt judge returns to England bent on revenge — a revenge that turns indiscriminately murderous, leading his resourceful accomplice, Mrs. Lovett, to bake the victims into meat pies. The Barrow Street Theatre will be turned into a working pie shop for the production.

• The Public Theater/Newman Theater
• First Preview: February 14, 2017
• Opening: March 15, 2017
• Playwright: David Byrne
• Director: Alex Timbers
• Cast: Terence Archie, James Brown III, Jonathan Burke, Rodrick Covington, Sean Allan Krill, Jo Lampert, Mike McGowan, Mary Kate Morrissey, Adam Perry, John Schiappa, Kyle Selig, Michael James Shaw

Once upon a time, there was a girl who talked to God. She built a nation, and they burned her for it. An exploration of the electrifying, meteoric rise of Joan of Arc through the lens of a one-of-a-kind rock musical concert.

• Playwrights Horizons/Mainstage Theater
• First Preview: February 17, 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen (with The Debate Society)
• Director: Oliver Butler
• Cast: Ken Barnett, Aya Cash Brian Lee Huynh, Erik Lochtefeld, Rocco Sisto, Graydon Yosowitz

Behold The Spectatorium: an audacious, visionary 12,000-seat theater designed for the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 by Steele MacKaye, the now-forgotten theatrical impresario around whom this haunted, 40-year love story spins. From the minds of celebrated play-making company The Debate Society, The Light Years is an epic, intimate tale of two families struggling to meet their future, and a spectacular tribute to man’s indomitable spirit of invention.

• Lincoln Center Theater/Claire Tow Theater
• First Preview: February 23, 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Sarah Ruhl
• Director: Rebecca Taichman
• Cast: TBA

At a dinner party in the wilds of New Jersey, two married couples discuss a younger acquaintance—a polyamorous woman who also hunts her own meat. Fascinated, they invite this mysterious woman and her two live-in boyfriends to a New Year’s Eve party, which alters the course of their lives. How To Transcend A Happy Marriage asks: how much love can a twosome contain? What are the limits of friendship, and what happens when parents who have forgotten their own wildness have a wild rumpus all their own?

• The Transport Group/ The Gym at Judson
• First Preview: February 23, 2017
• Opening: March 26, 2017
• Playwright: William Inge
• Director: Jack Cummings III
• Cast: Hannah Elless, David Greenspan, Joseph Kolinski, Ginna Le Vine, Heather Mac Rae, David T. Patterson, Michele Pawk. Jennifer Piech, Krystal Rowley, Jay Russell, and Rowan Vickers

Marie, an attractive young boarder, gives new meaning to the lives of Doc and Lola Delaney, married for 20 years and grindingly unhappy. For Lola, Marie is the child she never had. Doc, who has been drinking away his frustrations, has less than paternal feelings.

• The Barrow Group
• First Preview: March 10, 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Henrik Ibsen
• Director: K. Lorrel Manning
• Adapted by K. Lorrel Manning and Seth Barrish

When Dr. Thomas Stockmann discovers toxic contamination in the water used at the local baths, he expects to be hailed as a hero. But since the baths are the town's main source of revenue, the community fights to silence him — and Dr. Stockmann learns there are forces more powerful than truth.

• Public Theater/Martinson Hall
• First Preview: March 14, 2017
• Opening: April 5, 2017
• Playwright: Martin Sherman
• Director: Sean Mathias
• Cast: Harey Fierstein, Gabriel Ebert, and Christopher Sears

Beau, a pianist expat living in London meets Rufus, an eccentric young lawyer, at the dawn of the internet dating revolution. After a life spent recovering from the disappointment and hurt of loving men in a world that refused to allow it, Beau is determined to keep his expectations low with Rufus. But Rufus comes from a new generation of gay men who believe happiness is as much their right as anyone else’s, and what Beau assumed would be just another fling grows into one of the most surprising and defining relationships of his life. A remarkably moving, brilliantly funny love story, Gently Down the Stream reflects the triumphs and heartbreaks of the entire length of the gay rights movement, celebrating and mourning the ghosts of the men and women who led the way for equality, marriage and the right to dream.

• Public Theater/Anspacher Theater
• First Preview: March 17, 2017
• Opening: March 27, 2017
• Playwright: John Leguizamo
• Director: Tony Taccone
• Cast: John Leguizamo

John Leguizamo schools his son—and the rest of us—on the buried and forgotten history of Latinos in the Americas in this outrageously funny one-man show about uncovering the truth, and recovering from the past. Inspired by the near total absence of Latinos in his son’s American history class, Leguizamo embarks on a frenzied search to find a Latin hero for his son’s school project. From a mad recap of the Aztec empire to stories of unknown Latin patriots of the Revolutionary War and beyond, Leguizamo breaks down the 3,000 years between the Mayans and Ricky Ricardo into 90 irreverent and uncensored minutes in his trademark style.

• Playwrights Horizons/Peter Jay Sharp Theater
• First Preview: March 17, 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Zayd Dohrn
• Director: Kip Fagan
• Cast: TBA
• Safe in the liberal fortress of Manhattan, Raif Almedin is a first-generation immigrant who prides himself on his modern, enlightened views. But when his daughter falls for the son of a conservative Muslim family in White Plains, he discovers the threshold of his tolerance. In Zayd Dohrn’s sharp and timely tale, two families are forced to confront each other’s religious beliefs and cultural traditions, and to face their own deep-seated prejudice.

• Cherry Lane/ Primary Stages Production
• First Preview: March 22, 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Michael McKeever
• Director: Joe Brancato
• Cast: TBA

Perfect house, perfect friends, even a mother who wants them to wed. What isn't perfect is that Daniel longs to be married and Michael does not. A turn of events forces both men to face the consequence of their opposing views, and they learn that they are living in a world where fundamental rights aren't always so fundamental.

• Park Avenue Armory
• First Preview: March 23, 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Eugene O'Neill
• Director: Richard Jones
• Cast: Bobby Canavale

A coal shoveler strives to maintain his humanity while toiling in the bowels of an ocean liner.

• Lucille Lortel Theatre
• First Preview: March 23, 2017
• Opening: April 4, 2017
• Book: Joe Tracz, Music: Rob Rokicki
• Director: Stephen Brackett
• Cast: Chris McCarrell, George Salazar, Jonathan Raviv, Jelani Alladin, Sarah Beth Pfeifer, and Kristin Stokes

Percy Jackson has newly discovered powers he can’t control, monsters on his trail, and he is on a quest to find Zeus’s lightning bolt and prevent a war between the Greek gods. Normal is a myth when you’re a demigod.

• Pearl Theatre
• First Preview: March 24, 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Kate Hamill (adapted from the novel by William Makepeace Thackeray)
• Director: Eric Tucker
• Cast: TBA

Adapted by Kate Hamill (Sense & Sensibility) from William Thackeray’s masterpiece, Vanity Fairexposes a society that cares more for good birth and good manners than for skill. But Becky Sharp, poor, plain, and devilishly clever, is determined to defy the odds through risky romantic entanglements, shady business practices, and social climbing at any cost; she won’t stop until the world lies at her feet.

Signature Theatre Company
• First Preview: April 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Annie Baker
• Director: Lila Neugebauer
• Cast: TBA

A new play by Annie Baker.

• Soho Rep
• First Preview: April 4, 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Richard Maxwell
• Director: Sarah Benson
• Cast: Becca Blackwell, Vinie Burrows, Steve Earle, Roy Faudree, Modesto Flako Jimenez, Paul Lazar

On the fringes of the frontier, a messenger embarks on an arduous journey to collect a debt from a man he’s never met. Friends set out to atone for a mistake that can’t be undone. Strangers look for a little bit of comfort wherever they can find it. A spiritual and visceral celebration about whatever it is we call home.

• Classic Stage Company
• First Preview: April 6, 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
• Book by John Weidnman
• Director: Lear deBessonet
• Cast: George Takei

In 1853, Commodore Matthew Perry sailed to Japan on a U.S. mission to open trade relations at any cost. Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman‘s remarkable musical tells the tale of a samurai and a fisherman who are caught up in the westernization of the East.

• Pershing Square Signature Theater Center - The Diamond
• First Preview: April 25, 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Suzan-Lori Parks
• Director: Lear deBessonet
• Cast: TBA

Leaving her home in southern Africa for a better life, Saartjie Baartman became a star on the 19th Century London freak show circuit for the size of her posterior. This Obie Award-winning play gives vibrant life to the story of Baartman’s journey to London, her rise to fame as the “Hottentot Venus” and her eventual love affair with a French scientist. Inspired by the true story of Baartman, Venus is a wild carnival, bursting with humor and heart while examining the paradox of love.

• Manhattan Theatre Club
• First Preview: April 26, 2017
• Opening: May 16th, 2017
• Playwright: Martyna Majok
• Director: Jo Bonney
• Cast: TBA

The Cost of Living is the story of four very different people, in four very different circumstances, each trying to get by. Eddie, an unemployed truck driver, reunites with his ex-wife Ani after she suffers a devastating accident. John, a brilliant and witty doctoral student, hires over-worked Jess, a caregiver. As their lives intersect, Majok’s play delves into the chasm between abundance and need and explores the space where bodies — abled and disabled — meet each other.

• Vineyard Theatre Company
• First Preview: May 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Gina Gionfriddo
• Director: Peter DuBois
• Cast: TBA

Ms. Gionfriddo’s play is set on Halloween and Miranda is desperate for a way out. She’s drowning in debt, may be falling for her sugar daddy, and is on the run from her date who has threatened to kill her. When she meets Graham and Tanya, a door opens, for all of them… but is what’s beyond a treat or a trick?

• New York Theatre Workshop
• First Preview: Spring 2017
• Opening; TBA
• Playwright: Mfoniso Udofia
• Director: Ed Sylvanus Iskandar
• Cast: TBA

Both plays are chapters of Mfoniso Udofia's nine-part saga The Ufot Cycle, which chronicles the life of the tenacious matriarch of a Nigerian family.

• MCC Theater
• First Preview: May 8, 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Matthew Perry
• Director: Lindsay Posner
• Cast: Matthew Perry

Meet Jack, Stephanie, Joseph and Stevie: four lost souls, entering their forties and searching for meaning. After sharing one raucous night together in a downtown Los Angeles bar, their lives become irreversibly entwined in a rollercoaster journey that forces them to confront the darker sides of their relationships.

• St. Ann's Warehouse
• First Preview: May 3, 2017
• Opening: May 7, 2017
• Playwright: Enda Walsh
• Director: Jamie Vartan
• Cast: TBA

A waiting room, inside a tower: Isla waits for her number to be called. A young woman finally understands her fate. And a young man faces a stark decision. In a bleak and terrifying world that “echoes Orwell’s 1984” (The Guardian), Enda Walsh and the creative design team behind Misterman and The Last Hotel dare to imagine a strange and tender love story.

• Playwrights Horizons/Mainstage Theater
• First Preview: May 19, 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Kirsten Childs
• Director: Robert O'Hara
• Cast: TBA

All aboard for a Western musical adventure the likes of which you’ve never experienced. As a wanted woman of mythic proportions looks to begin life anew out west, Bella takes us on the trip of a lifetime to escape her scandalous past and bounce into the arms of her awaiting Buffalo Soldier. Rowdy, wild, and hilarious, Kirsten Childs (Bubbly Black Girl…) infuses this tall tale with soulful tunes and madcap antics aplenty. Giddy-up to our get-down!

• Atlantic Theater Company Stage 2
• First Preview: May 24, 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Clare Lizzimore
• Director: Gaye Taylor Upchurch
• Cast: Rebecca Hall

Rachel has it all: marriage, house, career. So why does she suddenly have this creeping feeling? Did she leave something behind? Or is there something in the walls…? Her husband thinks she needs time; her psychiatrist suggests positive thinking. But then the visions start. A darkly comic play about the underside of domesticity, the complexity of the brain in chaos, and the thin line between sinking and survival.

• Second Stage Theatre
• First Preview: Summer 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Bruce Norris
• Director: Michael Greif
• Cast: TBA

• Second Stage Theatre
• First Preview: Summer 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Chisa Hutchinson
• Director: TBA
• Cast: TBA

• Pershing Square Signature Center
• First Preview: 2017-18 Season
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Suzan-Lori Parks
• Director: Jo Bonney
• Cast: TBA

Remixing The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s seminal masterpiece, The Red Letter Plays tear open notions of gender and hypocrisy with poetic honesty and exhilarating wit. In the Blood’s Hester La Negrita is a penniless mother of five condemned by the very men who loved her. Fucking A’s Hester Smith is an abortionist, forced to ply her trade to save her own son. Performed together for the first time, with a shared cast and director, the two plays form a thrilling and powerful indictment of American society.