Hello, Dolly!

Hello, Dolly!

Bette Midler returns to Broadway as Dolly Gallagher Levi in Jerry Herman and Michael Stewart’s masterpiece Hello, Dolly! This new revival, the first new production of this classic musical to appear on Broadway since the original, features direction by Tony-winner Jerry Zaks and choreography by Tony-winner Warren Carlyle, but also pays tribute to the original work of legendary director/choreographer Gower Champion, which has been hailed both then and now as one of the greatest stagings in musical theatre history. The star-studded cast includes David Hyde Pierce, Gavin Creel, Kate Baldwin, Taylor Trensch, Will Burton, Melanie Moore and Jennifer Simard.

SYNOPSIS: A meddlesome matchmaker brings together the young clerk of a wealthy Yonkers merchant and his assistant with a widowed milliner and her assistant, while making sure she herself gets to marry the merchant, in Jerry Herman and Michael Stewart's musical adaptation of Thornton Wilder's The Matchmaker.

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March 27 - Apr. 16 - Tuesday @8pm; Wednesday @2pm and 8pm; Thursday @8pm; Friday @8pm; Saturday @2pm and 8pm; Sunday DARK

Apr. 17 - 23 - Tuesday and Wednesday @8pm; Thursday OPENING; Friday @8pm; Saturday @2pm and 8pm; Sunday DARK
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(as of Mar 26, 2017) Total Current Gross: $3,074,647 Highest Weekly Gross: $1,670,486 (Week Ending Mar 26, 2017)   Average Ticket Price: $195.18 Average % Capacity: 100.4%


Week Ending Week Number This Week Gross Potential Gross Diff $ Avg Ticket Top Ticket Seats Sold Seats in Theatre Perfs Previews % Cap This Week Diff % cap
Mar 26, 2017 44 $1,670,486.07 $1,400,094.00 $266,324.87 $194.17 $748.00 8603 1427 0 6 100.48% 0.17%
Mar 19, 2017 43 $1,404,161.20 $1,166,745.00 $0.00 $196.19 $748.00 7157 1427 0 5 100.31% 0.00%