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Gregory Harrison, Karen Ziemba, and Daniel McDonald at the opening night part
Gregory Harrison, Karen Ziemba, and Daniel McDonald at the opening night part Photo by Photo credit: Starla Smith

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Tavern on the Green, the New York City landmark whose Christmas-light wrapped trees have been seen in countless movies and TV shows as shorthand for Manhattan good times, is the setting for the opening night party of Steel Pier. As a 30s-era big band played numbers from the show -- "Second Chance" was the favorite -- members of the crowd took time to tell Playbill On-Line which moment from the show they felt was it's most vivid image.

* Elaine Paige (recently star of Sunset Boulevard) -- One of the great moments in the show is the number where the girls are dancing on the airplane wings. That's the image of this show. The wind blowing their hair and their frocks as the plane goes up -- it was very simple but a great design. It had great design.

* Deana Giles -- I'll remember Debra Monk's song ["Everybody's Girl"]. The show is so cutesy and bubbly and nice up to that point, and she kind of gave a sense of what was really going on. When you went without a dance partner, what you were really looking for. She did a lot of acting with her eyes and facial expressions; you could have watched her without having her singing, and you would have known exactly what was going on. * Jana Carlson -- The number where she was dancing on the roof ["Running in Place"] -- it showed how she was on the outside, looking in. The "Cellophane Wedding" was such an ingenious idea. It's like you're seeing through the characters, getting a different perspective."

* George Moore -- The number sung by the pilot, "Second Chance," shows you America in crisis, but it leads you into a whole optimistic vision.

* Irene Molloy (who recently played the lead in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Whistle Down the Wind) The number where they [Karen Ziemba and Daniel McDonald] takes off their shoes and play in the water["Wet"]. It was cute, and it really developed their relationship. [When McDonald took off his shirt] did make me like that character a little bit more.

* David Kendall -- In the opening scene ["Willing To Ride"] you hear the sounds of the ocean. You get the feeling of seeing the ocean, like you're really there [on the Steel Pier].

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