Ads, The Talking Show and Orifice Descending Set for PS 122 Spring Season

News   Ads, The Talking Show and Orifice Descending Set for PS 122 Spring Season
Performance Space 122 has announced its spring lineup, which will include works by Richard Maxwell, Vaginal Davis, Radiohole and Lewis Forever.

As previously reported, Maxwell's Ads, presented as part of the Coil and Under the Radar Festivals, will run Jan. 20-31. "Maxwell asks whether theatre is possible without a human presence. Can verisimilitude be enhanced by technology? How can we address these questions in a live performance?"

Additional theatre programming includes the world premiere of Marisa Olson's Whew! Age from Feb. 12-14. "Olson will sit before a projected score of remixed YouTube meditation videos and vintage relaxation tapes, and engage the audience in a series of guided visualizations and breathing exercises. While no audience participation is required, the artist will invoke the familiar persona of the self-help 'guru' in encouraging viewers to think about the role of mindfulness and positive thinking in their interactions with the environment."

Tom Murrin and Lucy Sexton will offer the world premiere of The Talking Show: The Magical Ridiculous Journey of Alien Comic, running Feb. 18-March 7. "Murrin takes us on a talking tour of his life – and of his travels through avant garde theatre in the 60s, 70s, and early 80s! Speaking with wild-eyed excitement, Murrin hits you with history, hilarity, and his extraordinary generosity of spirit and innocence. It must be seen and heard to be believed."

Radiohole will stage Whatever, Heaven Allows, which runs Feb. 21-March 3. "Radiohole’s newest work is a star-spangled American meta-melodrama inspired by film director Douglas Sirk’s 1950s potboilers and Milton’s epic Paradise Lost. Our heroine is an all- American 'Eve' who must save her home from an evil-doer while struggling to find fulfillment in a lasting relationship with a supposedly good man who looks like god."

Reid Farrington's Gin & "It" will make its official New York premiere April 24- May 9. "Farrington's video theater work mirrors the technical feats of Hitchcock's daring film experiment in 'Rope' with its own boundary-pushing melding of projected imagery and live drama. Again Farrington collaborates with film historians and archivists to bring a classic film to the stage with his own boundary-pushing melding of projected imagery and live drama." The world premiere of Vaginal Davis' Orifice Descending will run May 15-30. "Loosely based on The Balcony by Jean Genet, Ms. Davis will function as Madame/Matriarch of a male brothel or 'boydello' where the audience will interactively explore the notion of gender as a continuum and not a binary model. Video projections, tableaux, movement and burlesque routines colorfully illustrate the arbitrary nature of gender rules and how, once unmoored from their fixed positions, they can liberate us from our narrow and stereotypical conceptions of male and female roles."

Lewis Forever will present the world premiere of Art Consumption Internalization Personalization and Re-manifestation As Your Own So That a Deeper Connection with Oneself and the World Can Be Made from June 6-13. "Using the structure of a workshop as the overreaching fiction, dance-artist Isabel Lewis in collaboration with Lewis Forever, will create a performance situation that moves from the two dimensional and static to the three dimensional and ephemeral. The performance begins with the small scale and individual and works towards the communal and infinite."

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins and Gavin Quinn will perform The Octoroon: An Adaptation Of The Octoroon Based On The Octoroon from June 18-July 3. "A bombastic, super-theatrical, full-scale investigation of the sweetest of intersections—theatre and identity politics—this play with real actors and real sets and real costumes seeks to understand why New York audiences can’t seem to get enough of plays about Irish folks and black people and racism and, um, America?"

Tickets are available by phoning (212) 352-3101 or by visiting PS122.

PS 122 is located in Manhattan at 150 1st Avenue at East 9th Street.

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