Agony! Waiting for the Release of "Into the Woods" (as Told Through GIFs)

News   Agony! Waiting for the Release of "Into the Woods" (as Told Through GIFs)
It's pure "Agony" waiting until Dec. 25 for the highly anticipated film adaptation of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's Into the Woods, so we thought we'd share our sorrows with you, by way of our favorite fairy tale characters.

When we heard that they were adapting it for the big screen:

Learning that we'd have to wait until Christmas for this film:

Hoping that this movie will be good:

We're really hoping!

When people asked us if we thought the film idea would be any good:

Explaining the Into the Woods changes to non-theatre folk:

When Meryl spilled the beans:

After we saw the first trailer!

However, there was no singing…

When we thought that the character names had been Disney-fied for the movie:

When Disney issued a statement saying the character names on the website were incorrect and that they'd never stray from the original:

When we found out that "On the Steps of the Palace" lyrics had been changed:

Getting ready for the red carpet premiere!

When you see a special screening of the film before all of your friends:

Purchasing your Christmas Day ticket!

Waking up on Christmas morning:

Leaving the movie theatre as soon as the credits roll — to try and beat the crowds to the parking lot:

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