"American Idol" Alum Gets Cue'd: The Video Version!

Inside Track   "American Idol" Alum Gets Cue'd: The Video Version!
Ever since 2006, Playbill's Cue & A, our quirky pop-culture questionnaire, has revealed some of the most interesting (and oddest) tid-bits about the Broadway people you know and love.

How else would we have known that Matthew Modine was once a ditch digger? Or that Bobby Steggert loves watching "Toddlers and Tiaras" on TLC? Or that the one performer that Matthew Morrison would drop everything to see is Ethan Hawke? Or that Bebe Neuwirth's first Broadway show was Hair...at 11 years old!? Or that Jonathan Groff doesn't have an iPod? Or that Kristin Chenoweth thinks that an Olsen should play her in a movie?

Now, you can get all these goodies and more straight from the horses' (or in this case, performers') mouths with our brand new Video Cue & A feature. This month, we sit down with Hair hottie Ace Young. What does he eat before a show? What show has he been recommending to his friends? What was life like on the "American Idol" tour? Is his name really Ace?

Check out the video below and you’ll find out.

Keep an eye out for more Video Cue & A's with Sutton Foster, Valerie Harper, Gregory Jbara, among others, in the coming weeks! And if there's an actor you've been dying to hear from...email me. We'll try to Cue 'em soon!

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