BAM Announces Lineup for DanceAfrica 2005

Classic Arts News   BAM Announces Lineup for DanceAfrica 2005
The DanceAfrica festival, the Brooklyn Academy of Music's annual showcase for dance from Africa and the African Diaspora, will take place May 27-30, BAM announced.

The festival will feature performances by New York's Asase Yaa African-American Dance Theatre, Jamaica's L'ACADCO—A United Caribbean Dance Force, the Ivory Coast's Mamadou Dahou_ and the Ancestral Messengers Dance Company, and the BAM/Restoration DanceAfrica Ensemble.

The festival will also include a bazaar, master classes, an African art garden, African films, and live music. It will begin on May 27 with a traditional libation ceremony to "honor those that have passed on to the ancestral grounds."

Created in 1977, DanceAfrica remains under the artistic direction of founder Chuck Davis. It has inspired similar events in Chicago and Washington, D.C.

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