Best in Show: Patrick Page and His Maltese Cymbeline Co-Star, A "Georgie Girl"

News   Best in Show: Patrick Page and His Maltese Cymbeline Co-Star, A "Georgie Girl"
Best in Show — a spotlight on Broadway personalities and their animal companions — continues with Tony-nominated actor Patrick Page, who currently stars in the title role of the Public Theater's Shakespeare in the Park production of Cymbeline, and his co-star, his Maltese Georgie.

What is your pet's name, and is there a story behind it?
PP: Georgie. We made a list of dozens of names, but she just seemed like a Georgie Girl. She's feisty and loving and a bit of a tomboy.

Breed? Age?
PP: Maltese. 19 months.

How did you find your pet?
PP: Paige's mom has a very close friend who breeds Maltese. She is quite extraordinary and takes incredible care of the dogs.

What is the one thing your pet has eaten that he/she shouldn't have?
PP: We keep her on a strict diet, but one time we thought she had eaten a bunch of tranquilizers. She had her stomach pumped, poor baby, and it turned out she hadn't eaten them.

Patrick Page and Georgie
Patrick Page and Georgie

What person, living or dead, does your pet remind you of and why?
PP: She reminds me of my wife, Paige Davis. They are two peas in a pod.

Where does your pet sleep?
PP: In our bed with us, of course. Or perhaps I should say we are allowed to sleep in her bed.

Is this your first pet? If not, elaborate?
PP: We had another Maltese named Sophie for 15 years.

Do you use a groomer, no groomer?
PP: Yes, we use a groomer. Maltese have hair like humans, which grows out long, so she has a haircut every six weeks or so.

Do you dress your pet? If so, what is his or her favorite, or least favorite thing to wear?
PP: She is a committed nudist. She even hates to wear a collar.

Best Halloween costume?
PP: I tried to dress her as a ladybug. It did not go over well.

Best trip with your pet?
PP: She loves car trips. When Paige was doing a play at Barrington Stage last year, Georgie loved the drive out to the Berkshires. She's also very good on transcontinental flights.

Favorite treat?
PP: Going with me to the theatre. She was a huge hit backstage at Hunchback, and recently landed a role in Cymbeline in Central Park!

Georgie and Paige Davis
Georgie and Paige Davis

Does your pet do tricks/commands?
PP: She can sit, stay, leave it, down, etc. The usual stuff, but it looks damn cute on her.

If you could talk to your pet for five minutes, what would you ask him or her?
PP: Why won't you walk on a leash?

Does your pet have a best friend?
PP: She loves the Great Dane next door, but they can't really play together because the Dane doesn't know her own strength.

Is there a pet product you swear by that you can't live without?
PP: Wee Wee Pads. It's great to have a small dog who can go in the house.

If your pet was a character in a Broadway show, who would that character be? 
PP: Hint: Sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty.

If there was one thing you would want people to know about your pet, what would it be?
PP: She wants to play with you.

You and your pet go on a talk show. What is your anecdote about him/her or his/hers about you?
PP: I would tell the story of when we were playing tug of war on the couch and she fell backwards and hit her head on the coffee table, knocking herself out cold. I thought she was dead! It was midnight in La Jolla, so I jumped in the car and drove to the pet hospital. She had a concussion, but she recovered completely.

Most embarrassing thing your pet has ever done in public or when guests are over?
PP: Well, peeing on a rug is pretty embarrassing…

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