Best in Show: Twentieth Century's Andy Karl and His Adopted Broadway Understudy Boo Boo

News   Best in Show: Twentieth Century's Andy Karl and His Adopted Broadway Understudy Boo Boo
Best in Show — a spotlight on Broadway personalities and their animal companions — continues with Andy Karl — Tony-nominated for his performance in the revival of On the Twentieth Century, which concludes its limited run July 19 at the American Airlines Theatre — and his dog Boo Boo, who was featured in Broadway's Legally Blonde with Karl and his actress-wife Orfeh.

What is your pet's name, and is there a story behind it?   

His name is Boo Boo. We did not name him originally. We adopted him with that name and have since given him many nicknames, for example: Boosey/ Boocifer/ Jerome and full name Boocifer Jerome Robins the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 9th.  

Don't ask.

Andy Karl and Boo Boo
Andy Karl and Boo Boo

Breed? Age?  

He is a Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix, and he is (I believe) nine years old now.  

How did you find your pet?

He's a Broadway pup.  What better way to find your best friend than being onstage with him? He was Bruiser's understudy in Legally Blonde the Musical. He went on quite a few times and nailed it. 

What is the one thing your pet has eaten that he/she shouldn't have?

Spaghetti is his Achilles heel. I'm guilty of giving him a few strands because he begs and begs. The next day is not pretty.

What person, living or dead, does your pet remind you of and why?

I actually do think there is an old man's soul in his body.  Not sure who it is, but he's nice but demanding, sweet but smart, shy but a favorite uncle. 

Where does your pet sleep?

He chooses to sleep under the bed.

Is this your first pet? If not, elaborate?

My first pet was a cat named Worm, who just passed two weeks ago. I adopted him from Broadway Barks 14 years ago. Rest in peace, my good, sweet, black-and-white tabby. Orfeh and I miss him a lot.

Do you use a groomer, no groomer?

I am the groomer. Boo gets trimmed for the summer time and baths every three or four weeks.

Do you dress your pet? If so, what is his or her favorite, or least favorite thing to wear?

Orfeh has put a few items of clothing on Boo Boo before. Though it's cute, he sort of goes into zombie mode and doesn't move.  He just looks at us like, "Can I take this off now?"

Best Halloween costume?

TWO-FACE from "Batman"...Oh, you mean Boo Boo? He's never worn a costume. 

Best trip with your pet?

When we took him home permanently from his Broadway run in Legally Blonde.

Favorite Treat?

Greenies. Available at pet stores everywhere.

Does your pet do tricks/commands?

Ummm...did anyone see Legally Blonde the Musical?  He still remembers all his lines. 

If you could talk to your pet for five minutes, what would you ask him or her?

Are you happy with us? Is there anything you want that will make you even happier?   

Does your pet have a best friend?

Besides Orfeh and I, his favorite person is Orfeh's mother, who comes and baby sits him every once in a while. 

Is there a pet product you swear by that you can't live without?

Poop-bags. Always clean up after your dog.

If your pet was a character in a Broadway show, who would that character be?

I answer that with another question. Who was the understudy to Bruiser in Legally Blonde the Musical?

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