Carrie Fisher's "Wishful Drinking" Will Be Released on DVD in September

News   Carrie Fisher's "Wishful Drinking" Will Be Released on DVD in September
The HBO version of Carrie Fisher's solo stage show, Wishful Drinking, seen in regional theatres and on Broadway — and also known in a best-selling book version — gets released on DVD Sept. 13, from HBO Home Entertainment.

Carrie Fisher in HBO's
Carrie Fisher in HBO's "Wishful Drinking" Photo by Patrick Harbron/HBO

Fisher's one-woman play about her dark and funny life and times in showbiz (as daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, for starters) became a feature-length play/documentary, filmed before an audience. It premiered on HBO Dec. 12, 2010.

Fisher, internationally known for playing Princess Leia in the first "Star Wars" trilogy, wrote and starred in this salt-kissed biographical show. (Her crooner father died between the filming and the HBO airing.)

Wishful Drinking on DVD includes "My Alleged Mother," an "exclusive and candid interview with Fisher's mom, actress Debbie Reynolds, along with hilarious deleted scenes."

Actress, screenwriter and bestselling author ("Postcards from the Edge," "The Best Awful" and "Wishful Drinking") CarrieFisher is the daughter of the late singer Eddie Fisher and actress Debbie Reynolds. Carrie Fisher emerged from the shadows of her parents notorious Hollywood breakup to become a cultural icon at age 19 after starring as Princess Leia. She has been candid since about facing mental illness and substance abuse, always finding the "funny" in the despair.

A particularly pungent section of her stage show features a flow chart of her complicated yet eclectic extended family tree. It's called "Hollywood Inbreeding 101." The actress is also a screenwriter and bestselling author. Her novels, "Postcards from the Edge," "Surrender the Pink," "Delusions of Grandma" and "The Best Awful," were all critically acclaimed, with "Postcards from the Edge" being adapted for an Oscar-nominated film of the same name starring Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine. Her memoir "Wishful Drinking," taken from the stage show, was published in 2008 by Simon & Schuster, which will also publish Fisher's novel "Shockaholic" in 2011.

Fisher's one-woman stage performance of Wishful Drinking was taped for the HBO special at the South Orange Performing Arts Center (SOPAC) in South Orange, NJ. The play opened in Los Angeles in 2006 and was produced on Broadway in 2009 by Roundabout Theatre Company in association with Jonathan Reinis, Jamie Cesa, Eva Price and the Berkeley Repertory Theatre.

"Wishful Drinking" producers and directors Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato have produced a variety of nonfiction programming, including 23 documentaries for HBO and Cinemax, including "Heidi Fleiss: The Would-Be Madam of Crystal," "Monica in Black and White" and "The Eyes of Tammy Faye."

An HBO Documentary Films presentation, "Wishful Drinking" is written and performed by Carrie Fisher; produced and directed by Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey; senior producer, Lisa Heller; executive producer, Sheila Nevins.

Carrie Fisher in HBO's "Wishful Drinking"
Carrie Fisher in HBO's "Wishful Drinking" Photo by Patrick Harbron/HBO
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