CELEB PlayBlogger Victoria Clark: March 3

PlayBlog   CELEB PlayBlogger Victoria Clark: March 3

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This week Playbill.com launches Celeb PlayBlogger, a new feature that will run sporadically in PlayBlog. Our first guest celebrity blogger is Tony Award winner Victoria Clark, the dazzling singing actress who won her Tony for her performance in Lincoln Center Theater's production of The Light in the Piazza. Clark is back at LCT in Andrew Bovell's award-winning family drama When the Rain Stops Falling, which will officially open at the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater March 8. Clark will blog all week; her third entry follows:

There's something about having a 15-year-old boy around. Things disappear. Shoes, the TV remote. His cellphone. Entire loaves of cinnamon raisin bread. After his being gone two weeks, I am still adjusting to the sheer altitude of my son's eye level and the sonorous tones of his voice. He's settling into the bass-baritone thing. It's like having Bing Crosby over for eggs and bacon.

With the boy safely on his way to school, epic-sized lunch packed, and ipod surgically attached to his right ear, it is safe for me to transition from mom to exhausted actress with left-over stage make-up imbedded in my skin. Oh, not quite. The front door opens. What did you forget? My wallet. How far did you get? The subway. Another kiss. Some Ricola for the pocket.

Take Two.

With opening six days away, my mind shuffles through the deck of to-do's. Do the blog. Do lunges. Do squats. Make brownies for my scene partner Rod, which have been promised for the past two weeks. Finish the blog. Forget the brownies. I will take Rod some of the oatmeal cookies I made last night for Bing Jr. Forget the lunges, take the dog out before she explodes. Stop editing the blog. Practice the song for the Sondheim Birthday Celebration at Avery Fisher Hall that is coming up in 10 days or so. Don't spend five hours on the blog. Try not to panic about the song that I am singing in the S. B. C. at A. F. H. that is coming up in… Just a gem of a song that no one knows, even Sondhiem fanatics, which was written for Judy Holliday. No pressure there. Maybe I will just go back to bed and wait for the snow to accumulate. I know I'm forgetting something. Oh yes. Do two performances. Oh, that.

It is more comforting this morning to think about my son successfully presenting Tom's last monologue from The Glass Menagerie yesterday in English class, than think about my own character's monologues that bubble beneath the blog. The Australian dialect alone would make most people retire permanently from the stage. Perhaps it isn't too late to find another profession between now and 2 PM.

Take Three

Speaking of terror, I am remembering a conversation between my castmates Susan Pourfar and Mary Beth Hurt in the dressing room a couple of days ago, when Susan said, "Can you believe what we are about to go out there and do? Mary Beth replied simply, "Don't think about it."

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