Eric Simonson's Bronx Bombers Set for Perry-Mansfield Festival

News   Eric Simonson's Bronx Bombers Set for Perry-Mansfield Festival
Eric Simonson's Bronx Bombers, which will premiere this fall at Primary Stages, is among three plays to be developed during the 16th annual Perry-Mansfield New Works Festival in Steamboat Springs, CO, this summer.

The Denver Center Theatre Company, Primary Stages and South Coast Repertory are the three theatre companies represented in the festival that will showcase new works for the stage on June 14 and 15.

Here's a look at the plays:

By James Still, directed by Risa Brainin
Denver Center Theatre Company
"Appoggiatura: uh-poj-uh-toor-uh. From the Italian appoggiare meaning 'to lean.' In music, appoggiatura is a note of long or short duration sometimes creating a dissonance before resolving into a main note. And so it is with the play: what begins on a rainy night inside an old-world hotel room in Venice ends on a bright sunny day outside on its streets and campos. An old woman who knows this might be her last trip to Italy. Her granddaughter who has just graduated from college and has no idea what comes next. A middle-aged man who doesn't know how to mend his broken heart. Their young Italian tour guide who makes up any history he doesn't know. And a drunken street musician who seems to be following them wherever they go. Appoggiatura is a play about an American family finding itself by completely losing itself. Italy is a good place to do that..."

Over the Waves
By Noah Haidle, directed by Marc Masterson
South Coast Repertory
"'Over the Waves' is a popular waltz written in 1888. Over the Waves, the play, is about two couples who have been in a dance marathon for almost 14 years. They have heard the song, 'Over the Waves,' tens of thousands of times. The last line of Albert Camus' 'The Myth of Sisyphus,' is 'The struggle toward the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.' In 1923 the dance marathons were described by a reporter for the New York World as 'pageants of fatigue.' A dingy hall is littered with worn slippers, cigarette stubs, newspapers and soup cans; reeking with the odor of stale coffee, tobacco smoke, chewing gum, and smelling salts. Girls in worn bathrobes, dingy white stockings, their arms hanging over partner's shoulders, dragging aching feet in one short agonizing step after another. Over the Waves is not an historical play about the dance marathon phenomena, but an allegorical investigation about learning to love one’s fate."

Bronx Bombers
Written and directed by Eric Simonson
Conceived by Fran Kirmser
Primary Stages
Producer: Tony Ponturo
"Join us for the world premiere of a new play from the creators of Broadway's Lombardi and the director of Primary Stages hit String of Pearls. Bronx Bombers tells the generational story of a most extraordinary baseball family, and the game itself. Follow the revered New York Yankees and Yogi Berra as he struggles to keep the focus on the team, transgressing the tricky world of dreams, celebrity, and the ever-changing landscape of this beloved American pastime." Visit

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